General Motors Lemons
Owners of 1999 Chevy Tracker Lemons, join together in the persuit of a fair resolution from Chevrolet / General Motors.
A mugshot of the monster that we have all fallen victim to . . . the Chevy Tracker Lemon.  Though it seems cute and friendly, apperances can often be deceiving!!!
Are you an unhappy owner of a 1999 Chevrolet Tracker?

Does your vehicle suffer from transmission problems and other serious mechanical defects?

Are you faced with the same re-occuring problems over and over again?

<<<<<<<YOU ARE NOT ALONE>>>>>>>

If you are tired of GM not taking
your vehicle's problems seriously,
then you have come to the right place!

Let's stand up for our rights!!! 
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My name is Shawn and I live in Dallas, Texas.  I own a 1999 Chevrolet Tracker 2-door, 4x4, 2.0L, manual transmission.  I have had numerous mechanical problems with my vehicle since its purchase in December of 1999.  These problems have ranged from minior things such as plastic interior pieces falling off . . . up to major such as transmission problems and engine overheating.  I have posted copies of the service records for my Troublesome Tracker. 

Through the assistance of internet forums and email, we have formed a group of fellow 1999 Tracker owners who also purchased lemons.  Our group is constantly growing and we would greatly appreciate you joining our cause if you too suffer from the same 1999 Tracker problems.  Through group participation, the information will be mutually benefitial.  Together we can inform one another of progress fixing our problems and we can provide evidence (service records) that you may present to your dealer to show that you are not the only one having specific mechanical problems.  Our group shares stories, information, and copies of service records.  As time allows, copies of submitted service records will be posted directly on this website for everyone's use.  I will remove personal information from the service records, just for security, such as personl address and phone number.  The relevant information will be left: dealership name, service record, and owner's name.  Stories, questions, and/or additional relevant information can be posted or viewed in the 'garage.' 

Please feel free to visit as often as you would like.  If you should ever have any comments, questions, or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us by our email link. 

Now repeat after me, in your best Forest Gump voice,
"Mama always said . . .
When Life Gives you Lemons,
Make Lemonaid!"
This page contains great information if you are considering the purchase of a Chevrolet Tracker or currently own one.
Cringe in agony to the sound of downshifting your manual transmission.
Marvel at the service advisors' many words of wisdom, 'Unable to duplicate problem.'
Jump with delight to discover that your vehicle also duplicates the function of a smoke machine . . . you too can be the hit at any party!
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