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Welcome to Gohan Extreme 3000. Although the site is now officially closed I am proud to keep the information and multimedia up for all to see as long as my host Geocities will let me.
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April 15th 2007 by gohan2k
No, I Didn't Die/The Links are Back!
Yeah, so last year I decided to basically remove all the links on the left and basically start the website again from scratch. Needless to say I didn't do that and so for the last year and a bit this website has been completely useless. For basically anything. Sorry about that! So I've put all the links I could find back up. Hopefully somebody will find some use for them

Dragonball Z Season One Boxset Release
So what's happen in the world of Dragonball since last year? Why am I back now? Well basically Funimation has finally released (and will be releasing in Australia/New Zealand shortly) what I had always hoped for, Dragonball Z uncut season sets. Basically this means for the first time ever the first 39 episodes of DBZ are will be avaliable in their full uncut glory uncut. Here's the facts:

* 39 uncut episodes on six discs: The complete Vegeta saga
* Remastered from the original Japanese film masters and captured in high-definition widescreen
* Revised English dialogue (in other words the same voice actors that did edited DBZ episodes 53+, Dragonball and Dragonball GT and Movies 5-13)
* English voice track with original Japanese music
* English voice track with TV broadcast music
* Japanese voice track with original Japanese music
* 24-page booklet with episode summaries, character descriptions, and a DBZ timeline

So you get all of this for a remarkably low price when compared they used to charge you NZ $40 for 3-4 episodes ($10 per episode!) this boxset costs US $50 (about NZ $70, AUS $60) which is remarkable NZ $2 an episode. And it won't take up an entire DVD stand! The set is out now in America and will be avaliable in New Zealand and Australia in July!
Also I recommend the two boxsets that contain all 153 episodes of the original Dragonball in all its uncut glory

January 21st 2006 by
For Old Times Sake...
I was exploring the site today and realised that I had accidentally not linked to the Buu saga power levels. That means for the last two years they have been in-accessible! The main power levels page isn't even the correct one! So for all you power level lovers it's back right here. I also had a look at the site statistics which as one might expect have had a huge drop off since I closed the site. Still though I'm quite close to that magical mark of 50,000 hits. When I get there I might be tempted to add something new to the site just as a thanks to all of you. Last week I removed my email as it was old and I was no longer using it but in case anyone really wants to drop me a line I've got my new one on the site now.
Just as a sidenote I've had a bit off a play at
Budokai: Tenkaichi for PS2 and man is the computer an evil unrelenting bastard!

January 15th 2006 by
I'm Back...Sort Of, A Story of Dragonball Revival....
Before you all get too excited I'm not reopening the site however as it's been a full two years since it was officially closed I though I'd give it a check to see whether or not it was still here and suprise, suprise it is.
Now seemed an especially good time to check up on it as I've has a slight revival of my Dragonball Z watching days.
Basically what I'm going to write now includes my Dragonball experiences over the last few weeks including mini reviews of
Dragonball King Piccolo saga Part 1, Piccolo Junior saga Parts 1 & 2, Dragonball Z Ultimate Uncut Edition, DBZ Movie 9: Bojack Unbound and the new PS2 Dragonball Z Budokai: Tenkaichi
How did this revival happen you ask? Well basically I was bored one Saturday afternoon so we played
Dragonball Z Budokai 2 for PS2, which despite having Budokai 3 we still prefer and had real fun playing it and all the memories came flooding back.
As I walked into the video store during last week I saw the Dragonball DVD collections. Two years ago the Dragonball sets were not released and the series itself only played on Sky so I never saw it. I did however read the Viz comics for the series and saw the first King Piccolo DVD set when my local store got it as a special one time thing. So I thought, why not pick up where I left off.
Being a Tuesday all the DVD rentals were $1 so I ended up getting D
ragonball King Piccolo Saga Part 2, Dragonball Piccolo Junior Saga Part 1, Dragonball Piccolo Junior Saga Part 2, Dragonball Z Ultimate Uncut Edition 1.1 and the ninth Dragonball Z movie Bojack Unbound.
Heres some short reviews of them.
Dragonball DVD Collections 9-11 (King Piccolo Part 1, Piccolo Junior Parts 1 & 2)
I have to say now I've watched them all that the Dragonball series is truely excellent and any fans of DBZ that have avoided the original Dragonball because its too comical and not enough fighting will be suprised by the King Piccolo and Piccolo Junior box sets. The fight between Goku and "Ma Junior" Piccolo is awesome as are the other fights. Most amazing for me was the unbelieveable strength and speed of....Mr Popo, seriously you should see the guy!
Dragonball Z Ultimate Uncut Edition 1.1 Sayan Showdown
This, to me was a bit stupid. Although it was good seeing the true introduction to Gohan and a preview of his hidden power Funimations "new and improved" version just basically wasn't that improved. The new opening and closing themes are terrible with another attempt at Funi going for cool and failing miserably as its not any of the themes we've previously seen (so not "Rock The Dragon") and its not a translated version of the Japanese theme they did so well with Dragonball. Most shockingly was the fact that the script is basically the same with the farmer still talking about his pea shooter and the rest. Some has been changed most notably Raditz instead of saying "I call this one keep your eye on the birdie" to "I call this one a Double Sunday" a poor reference to the
Budokai games where thats one of his attacks. Personally hearing this just made me wish for the original voice actors. Chris Sabats Piccolo was just never as good as Scott McNeil's. On the plus side the extra feature, Goku vs. Vegeta was quite good with the voice actors revealing many humorous things as the voices of Goku (Sean Schemmel) and Vegeta (Chris Sabat) discuss being their characters as well as being micro celebrities. Sean Schemmel is funny as he recalls a time when some kid set a school on fire because they didn't get Goku's autograph. Also good is Chris Sabat and the Dragonball Z voice actors and the thousand "ha's"
Dragonball Z Movie 9 - Bojack Unbound
This started off good but was ultimately dissapointing. It started off good with the Z fighters battling each other but when the main villains showed up the Z fighters wasted time. Trunks was being beaten badly but still waited for ages before he became super saiyan, likewise Gohan spent ages as a super saiyan before he powers up to super saiyan 2.

After all this me and my brother were all Dragonball Z mad again and this inspired my brother to go out and buy the new DBZ game Budokai Tenkaichi but as he's hogged it pretty much since he bought it I'll have to leave that review for later but I can say that the amount of characters are huge (including all of the ginyu force!) and that the fighting and camera system is different.

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