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Welcome the Heartland Golden Heart Award!!

The Heartland Golden Heart Award is an award program sponsored by the WebTech Golden Heart Committee. We award all web pages  that have a Heartland theme of family and values.

Please visit our HGHA mirror site which has been established due to the inability to use FTP at GeoCities.  Visit here!

The Golden Heart Award will be given to sites that deal with special topics that touch the heart.  These sites may be about the loss of a loved one, child abuse, illness, grief, and many other things.  The Committee will vote on all sites submitted or nominated, and any site receiving a 70% or higher will be given the award.  Pages will not compete against each other and will be voted on by their content rather than the technical aspects of the page.


This committee would like to express it's deepest sympathies to those who lost loved ones in the terrible acts of terrorism the United States of America faced on September 11, 2001. We share in the sorrow and sadness our country is now faced with. We are a strong country and we will survive!
God Bless America!



1.  All sites residing on the world wide web can apply for this award. 

2.  The site must conform to generally accepted "member conduct".  See section 5 at Yahoo! GeoCities Guidelines and Terms of Service.  Web sites being submitted for the Heartland Golden Heart Award need not reside on the Yahoo server.

3.  The site must have some actual content, and not be just a page full of links. 

4.  Sites applying for the Heartland Golden Heart Award may be dealing with sensitive topics.  This must be done in an acceptable way.  No sites containing adult content or language, or anything generally offensive will be awarded this award. 






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Information collected from entries for this award will be used by the Heartland Golden Heart Award Committee solely for the purposes of conducting this contest, awarding of prizes, and announcing the winners of those prizes. You must be 13 years of age or older to be eligible for this contest.

This contest is sponsored solely by the Heartland Golden Heart Award Committee. GeoCities is not a sponsor of this contest and is not involved with the administration of the contest or the awarding of prizes pursuant to the contest rules listed here. If you have any questions, please contact golden_heart_award@yahoo.com.

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