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History of the shoes within the 20th Century or the Century's story trough the shoe evolution. Definitely a MUST see!!!

Foot scenes as seen in the mainstream Movies and TV shows.
A site prooving that many people are sharing our passion without even knowing it...

If you have enjoyed our site, you'll like this one too.

PGTS High Heels Page - Links

Aragorn's Feet Links

Foot and shoes directory

Seductive fashion in lingerie and High Heels

The Sweetest heels on the net!

+++ The L. L. & A. Site +++

Sexy High Heel Shoes - it's FREE!


For Bootlovers

This girl will LOVE to get a crush on you - down to the ground, Dust to Dust - and will enjoy it!!! Go meet Myrjam's heels and soles or you loose!

Click here for a walk at KIKO's and GEENA's excellent Higheel and crushing site. Lots of high quality free large pictures, great GTS photos, Adult Check hardcore section.

The Strenge Lady's site. A real life German Dominatrice who punishes with her shoes and whip...
Beware and better watch this at home. Many pictures. AVI's too.

How about eating a red pump served on a plate and light your nights with a higheel candle? Visit Tabooshoes to find out.

A small - yet comprehensive fetish directory where you may discover new passions.
(Ever heard of headphone fetish?)


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Sexy Shoes and Feet
Ladyboots: Many boots from Japan
Kingdom of Crush




If you want to meet other people with the same interests you can visit the forums above. If you are asked to log in you may enter as a guest immediately since you have no Delphi account. But joining the Delphi will access you to a very interesting forum community and let you post your comments and messages on what you see.

I have been informed that Delphi is going to set a small monthly fee for accessing their Adult content forums. As they say this will prevent such places from minors (and vice versa) since the use of a credit card is required... After this some forum operators have announced that they plan to abort Delphi. The forums have been a really great place to be. When we know more about the situation in Delphi we"ll let you know. Untill then hurry up and download what you can!



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