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By decree the Golden Party Badge outranked most awards of the Third Reich, including the Iron Cross and was to be worn above or beside this prestigious military decoration. As a Party award, it ranked only below the Blood Order, and later the German Order, whcih incorporated the Fuess Gold Party Badge in the center. It was formally recognized as one of the 10 "Honor Badges" of the NSDAP in a Hitler Decree of November 6, 1936.

Regulations required it to be worn on the left pocket of a military style tunic below the flap. It was worn above the Iron Cross first class and any other military badges or decorations. Contrary to regulations, there are numerous photographs of it being worn on the pocket flap itself, mostly by military leaders such as "Sepp" Dietrich and General Keitel.

When in the "traditional" NSDAP brownshirt uniform without a tunic, it was to be worn on the tie in line with the pocket buttons on either side, although it was also often worn on the pocket.

No other party pin was supposed to be worn when wearing the Golden Party Badge, although in full dress some SS, SA and NSDAP officers were known to wear the large Gold Party Badge on the pocket and a regular party membership pin on the tie.

When worn on civilian attire, the small Golden Party Badge was to be worn on the lapel of the jacket or blouse.

For some unknown reason, Hitler did not start wearing his own Golden Party Badge until some time in 1936 - well after the first awards.

Female holder of the
Gold Party Badge wearing the small
version on her blouse
Hess properly wearing his small
Gold Party Badge on the tie
while in brownshirt



Ritter von Epp, chief of the NSDAP-
Auslands Org. wears his
Gold Party Badge above his imperial
decorations, according to regulations
SS General "Sepp" Dietrich wears his
Gold Party Badge on the pocket flap,
contrary to regulations
This NSDAP Political Leader wears his
small Gold Party Badge on the tie
while in uniform, contrary to regulations