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This site contains quotes from the 26 books written by John Norman, trying to give the reader an idea about the geography, peoples, culture and traditions of the wonderful and savage world of Gor. It was created as support for the chatroom, Gorean Springs (created in July 2000 in Yahoo adult section) and with the intention of helping people who want to learn about Gorean philosophy. There are many very good sites with reliable information, but normally in the form of dictionaries. New people not acquainted with the Gorean terminology have difficulties in finding the required information, simply because they do not know which word to look for. In this webpage the information is categorised hence facilitating that search.


"Gor,"he said, ''is the name of this world. In all the languages of this planet, the word means Home Stone.'' He paused, noting my lack of comprehension. ''Home Stone,'' he repeated. ''Simply that.''"
"Tarnsman of Gor" page 26

"And on this barbaric world I have seen it in all its beauty and cruelty, in all its glory and sadness. I have learned that it is splendid and fearful and priceless. I have seen it in the vanished towers of Ko-ro-ba and in the flight of a tarn, in the movements of a beautiful woman, in the gleam of weaponry, in the sound of tarn drums and the crash of thunder over green fields. I have found it at the tables of sword companions and in the clash of the metals of war, in the touch of a girl's lips and hair, in the blood of a sleen, in the sands and chains of Tharna, in the scent of talenders and the hiss of the whip. I am grateful to the immortal elements which have so conspired that I might once be."
"Outlaw of Gor" Page 254

"In Gorean mythology it is said that there was once a war between men and women and that the women lost, and that the Priest-Kings, not wishing the women to be killed, made them beautiful, but as the price of this gift decreed that they, and their daughters, to the end of time, would be the slaves of men..."
"Dancer of Gor" page 352

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