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10-23-02: I am changing the layout from gold to silver. I am also changing a few things; in the Full Episodes I will no longer upload Dragon ball Z Episodes. They are crashed they are not comming back accept for my few select favorites. However I am going to feature....FULL DRAGON BALL GT episodes in high quality from Episode 1-64.  They will be in the WMV format and split into 2-3 parts for easy upload. I can do this because I have all episodes in AVI and I will be converting and uploading them.

10-18-02: Repaired broken links. Uploaded some new DBZ. Working on a DB Section.

8-16-02: Added a Brand new
fandubb of Dragon ball GT Episode 60 in Enlish so head to my download page to get it.

8-15-02: Angelfire is crashing my links but i have been adding new content. If it has a missing page angelfire label on it it will be replaced in a few days.

8-13-02: Sad day in Japanese history but oh well they will get over it lol... Wait a minute i run a Japanese website?? kinda oh well. Listen up folks im adding new Episodes to the Episodes section cuz Angelfire canned the rest of their free 50 MB accounts so im gonna load them one at a time. Be sure to check out my new music videos too. I am uploading them in a lower quality for all you complaining 56k people if you want full quality you are gonna have to IM me. ok.

7-24-02: Watch my new comedy flash movie at the bottom of the info section.

7-19-02: Thanks to a person who emailed me about the roms the section is now up. Also I am making a new quiz and a movie guide section.

7-13-02: I have added more Episodes to the Dragon ball Z Section and made the Dragon ball GT Section easier to navigate. I also put up movie 10 in the movies section but to watch it you need to download WinRar. In total there are 35 Episodes of DBZ, 11 of DBGT and 4 or five movies I can't remember but they all do work even though some may not be available due to heavy traffic.

7-2-02: Well we did not DTS in a while so I guess the new Format is working. I have made alot of new music videos over the past few weeks and I hope you enjoy them so head over to the Music Video Section. Secondly.. NEW EPISODES!!! That is right I am going to add about 20 Episodes of DBZ and about 20 of DBGT. Exciting huh? they will be up in a few weeks and you will see the first up in around...5 min so enjoy.

6-14-02: Added a new episode and planning on adding 7 music videos check them out ok.

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