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Spooky Spiders

a Grade 2K Web Site Project

Spiders are not insects.  They are arachnids.
They have eight legs, no wings and no antennae.
Spiders have two parts to their bodies-a head and an abdomen.
Their skeleton is on the outside of their bodies and is called an exoskeleton.
Some spiders have 6-8 eyes and some have none.
Spiders can only see a short distance ahead.
Usually the female spider is bigger than the male spider.
Spiders lay eggs in egg sacs.  Baby spiders are called spiderlings.
Spiders have fangs.  They use them to bite and poison their prey.  Most spiders do not hurt people but some do.
Not all spiders spin webs.  Some live underground in tunnels, in the water or on plants.
Spiders use their spinnerets to spin webs. There are different kinds of webs like the orb web, water web, sheet web, triangle web and ladder web.
Spider web silk is very strong.
A spider does not get caught in its own web because a spider's web has two different kinds of silk on it.  One is sticky and one is not.  The spider walks where it is not sticky.

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