Cook Division
All students who attended Graham Sea Training School were allocated one of the two divisions within the school, either Cook or Scoresby Division.
Cook Divisions emblem was the sextant in red on a black background and was for some reason supposed to denote the engineering faculty as far as I am aware, although I may be wrong, this is my memory.

Obviously the name was in honour of one of the great mariners of history Captain James Cook 1728-1779  who hailed from Marton near Middlesborough moved to Whitby in 1746  and is remembered amongst other great adventurers as the first captain to sail round the world in Endeavour in 1768. Discovered Austalia.
Although he joined the Royal Navy in 1755 as a seaman his nautical career started in 1747 where he was an apprentice on a collier out of Whitby.

His truly remarkable career was an epic adventure, he was the first to cross the Antarctic Circle in his ship Resolution in 1773, which also crossed the Arctic Circle in 1778, his magnificent charting charted most of the worlds waters for mariners to come.

He was killed in 1779 in Hawaii by hostile locals following the theft of one of his ships longboats, he was clubbed on the head then stabbed with an iron spike and finally held underwater in the sea by the locals. So ended the life of one of our greatest hero' and master mariners.
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Members of Cook Division
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