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The Graham Sea Training School for Boys
This website is about our school, closed back in the early 70's sadly, due to the comprehensive system. The school may be long closed but the memories are still vivid with all who sailed with her....

Tom's heart beat quick as he passed the great school field or close, with its noble elms, in which several games at football were going on, and tried to take in at once the long line of grey buildings, beginning with the chapel, and ending with the School-house, the residence of the headmaster, where the great flag was lazily waving from the highest round tower. And he began already being proud of being a Rugby boy, as he passed the school-gates, with the oriel-window above, and saw the boys standing there,looking as if the town belonged to them, and nodding in a familiar manner to the coachman, as if any one of them would be quite equal to getting on the box and working the team down street as well as he."

"The fact is, that the condition of a small boy at a large  school is one of peculiar hardship and suffering, he is entirely at the mercy of proverbially the roughest things in the universe - great schoolboys, and he is deprived of the protection which the weak have in civilised society; for he may not complain, if he does, he is an outlaw- he has no protector but public opinion, and thats a public opinion of the very lowest grade, the opinion of rude and ignorant boy."

Tom Brown' s Schooldays
Thomas Hughes

Anybody who had a normal school-life would probably justifiably think that Tom Brown had it tough...

Anybody who is mentioned in this site as an old-boy of GST will know what tough is all about....Tom Brown was a wimp and had it easy....

Think I am exaggerating?
Read on....
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