Class of 68 - Bob Delaney
Some of the names I remember from all those years back

Eddie Gregory,  Paul Teasdale,   Owen Morris,Philip Giles
Ma Allen,  John Tordoff,  John Carter,  "?" Thomas,
Colin Hogg, John Stingemore, Colin Watson,
Malcolm Ward John Ward,  Tommy Newton,  Mick Sheader,  Howard Atkinson,  Albert Sadler,
Steven Martin,
Paul Robinson (Trivia SON OF ROCKA)
Arnie Palmer
Early Leavers
? Beautiman went to Hull Nautical College I think 69
Trevor Burton Moved to Sheffield 1970
Stephen Boyes 71 Moved to Reading

School Incident of note.....

Mr Barry (aka the brick shithouse) was as usual late for assembly and he rushed into the gym, unfortunately for him Stan Wilson had given the floor a damn good wax and clean over the weekend, and then put a large coit mat down to protect the floor...

He came in at such a speed that the inevitable happened...I dont know how but he did a forward  airborne somersault and landed as if he had been body slammed by Big Daddy... as you can imagine the place nearly collapsed as did we with laughter,... just to add insult to injury Steve "Chunky" Martin to inflame the incident further said
"Please Sir the floor's slippery"... This even raised a stifled laugh from Mr Herbert.

As you can imagine severe retribution was applied as soon as he got us back to the classroom especially to poor old Chunky Martin.
Trivia Quis; How did Mr Herbert aka the Polaroid Swinger get to be known as Dacious?
Anybody remember this monumental event in the history of GST?
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I must say that Clive Messruther and myself have both expressed a sigh of relief that not only our class were bloody nutters, it was obviously a school trait as our good friend Bob Delaney has shown with his content on this page, more to come......
School Poem
And where were you?
And Where was I?
When School life passed us by
But we were there and so were they
But then we didn't care!
And now its gone
And half our lives
We remember what we had!
And looking back we realise
It wasn't all that bad....
R Delaney circa 1972
And now its time to face the past
And recall what we did
On second thoughts perhaps its not
Best keep all that well hid
R Delaney 2001
Prize for this brilliant bit of poetry in 1972 a clip round the ear from Mr Grant...