Older School Mates
This page will give information regarding some of the more dated history of the school, kindly given by old school boys from the early fifties who are still around and still remember some of the characters who were there at that time, it would seem that nothing much changed between the fifties and the seventies, ie still full of odd-ball teachers according to their stories, anybody who has any stories, please pass them on to me and I will include them on the website.

Past headteacher Mr Tribe Lt.Commander.
Teacher Mr Feather  Flt. Lt.
"Vinnie" sounds familiar.
Mr Casey "Mad Harry".
Mr McClean 2nd Lt. RN scotsman
Mr Feather Snr aka "Pop"
Mr Main "Bruiser"Metalwork -
could throw a file with  absolute precision

Mr Rick Jackson pupil
Mr David Brown pupil
Mr Tom Pashby pupil
Mr Geoff Gregory pupil
Mr Jack Johnson pupil
Mr Peter Arliss pupil
More from past pupil

Mr. Wilf Taylor's class
Mousie Simpson
Foxy Redpath
Banger Hawkins
Micky Watts
Freddie Taylor
Richard Taylor
Paul Lamiman
Jimmy Archer
?Cammish the younger
Barry Conkerton
Paul Carrick
? Constantine
Paul (rattler) Trotter
? Davis
Mick Spencer

From the sixties

David Morton pupil

Please any stories or other schoolmates or staff please let me have them
A recent picture taken on the south beach showing that the old GST building is still prominent.