The Graham Sea Training School for Boys Scarborough North Yorkshire
Graham School
Name: Billy Messruther
The old school boat
Maisie Graham
Some of the lads I remember from the old school days....

Me of course
Billy Messruther Living in Thailand
My cousin
Clive Messruther living in Aus
Paul Messruther cousin
Woolley Farming Stock
John Stewart Joined the RN  (headbanger)
Neil Stewart (Johns long suffering brother pawnbroker)
Rocky Rowe Last I heard had a pub in Scarborough Ex Royal Marines
Jason Rowe Rocky's brother although not GST made hononary member because he was as mad as us
Stuart McNiven Merchant Navy I think.
Neil McNiven Stuarts brother
Andy Tolley Good bloke
Daz Taylor
Good mate
Peter Roscoe, little fella topped himself over some girl years ago, sad stuff.
Colin Hogg, Nutter Printer I think
Cass Clay was a bouncer in scarborough.
Niel Kay, another bouncer in Scarborough
Kev Cowling had the Albion Pub but moved to Malta
Alan Dunn got a schock went home one day to find his father was now his mother had had a sex change.
Dave Renshaw and Martin Crosby great swimmers and nice lads
Kev Hardwick died a long time ago nice bloke sad loss
Howard Atkinson Big Howard Another Bouncer
Alfie Rowley killed in a car accident a great friend of mine
Billy Rowley brother of Alfie was a fisherman
Dave Rowbottom Diddy good mate RN
Roy Haylett Once used an electric razor with shaving cream.
Sid Watts Good soccer plyr
Kevin Seaward aka Ziggy the Scooter Boy
Ian Foreman lifeboat became cox of Lifeboat
Bob Smith Rebel Bob
Paul Cooper - Coops
Tommy Mairnprize Fisherman
Terry SCott ex Royal Marines RAC patrolman married Mary Beadle
Dave Wiseman
Billy Wood Fisherman
Bob Collins
John Barker (aka Brian Ferry)
Graham Barker (Johns Brother)
Bob Johnson Big Bob Fisherman
Graham Johnson Gino (Bobs Brother)
Billy Cammish Fisherman
Nicky Sheader Another Bouncer
John Sheader Nicky' brother
Andrew Danby Communications consultant
Barry Conkerton Ex army scots regt piper
Sandy Shaw Head Boy of Scoresby division I think
David Winters The Runner
Brian Marley Farmer Type
Raymond Goodall very nice genuine bloke
Peter Winship
Rick Kramer "Fritzy" Now in Hong Kong
John Stingemore
Andy Price Good friend Navy I think
Stephen Butcher - Boys Brigade

I will add more as I remember them

Class of the 60's School trip to Hull Docks