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This page is dedicated to past pupils and staff who have passed away - gone but never forgotten.
Peter Roscoe... Passed away whilst still a pupil sadly aged around 14 years class of 79.
Alfie Rowley... Passed away whilst a serving member of HM Forces, after serving in N .I. class of 79.
Mr Milward... Passed away whilst teaching at Graham School sad loss to all mid 80's
Mr George Alfred Botterill, pupil from 1915-1919 born 1904 Father of Reg sadly missed.
Kevin Hardwick... Died mid 80's pupil of class of 69 Great Footballer and great guy, sadly missed
John William Leadley Died 1956 pupil of class of 1917-1921
Captain John Rowley M.N. Died 7th of May 2001 of cancer, a really nice man who will be sadly missed by all..
David Rowley...46, Brother of John above, Tragically killed whilst at work in Canada,Jan 2003

A Memorial Service for David will be held at St.Marys Church, Scarborough at 13:00 Friday 30th May 2003

May you all rest in peace our thoughts will always be with you

There are obviously many more of our past friends and masters who have passed away but I will not take the risk of publishing their memoriums unless I know for sure, so let me know if you want them remembered on the site.

Billy Messruther

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