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I am a Mid 30's homemaker. Here you can meet and learn all about me and my family. I love to meet new people and chitchat online during my free time! I hope you enjoy what you see on here. Make sure you come back often as I'd be updating things whenever I can! Please do sign my guestbook when you are done. Come on in....My door is open:).......
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I like to collect Porclein face masks, beanie babies and beanie buddies. I enjoy camping(at most times),crocheting,cooking,reading romance books,traveling,listening to music,jigsaw puzzles,and most of all, playing with my grandchildren!
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01-26-05 Hi! I have updated several pictures on some of my pages so you may noticed few or alot of changes if you have been here before. If you find anything missing  do let me know and please do come back soon and check for any new updated pages. Please do email me if you have any suggestions or questions.:)
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