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Hi, I'm Gramma Moses. 

I'm glad you found my webpage.  As you can see, I enjoy crocheting.  I also love fishing, camping, music and learning about the internet.  I have three children and a dozen (yes 12) grandchildren.  Please check out my links to fun and interesting sites. 

Enjoy your visit and
may God bless you.
Links for spiritual information:

Would you like to know God?

Gospel Communications

Who is Jesus

Have you heard of
the four spiritual laws?

Your Destiny?
Fishing Wisconsin & Michigan:
Local Fishing Lakes


Fly Girls

Fishing Wisconsin


The Crochet Network
Crochet n More
Priscilla's Crochet

Help these Charities:
Donate Food for the hungry...
and more....Free

Bibles ... Free

Have you seen these kids?

Gramma & Kenay
  Camping Up North:
    Lotsa places to camp
Backwoods Wisconsin

Wisconsin Camping

Play Outdoors

Tourism in Shawano

Visit Shawano Town     Menominee      Oneida
May I pray for you?

I pray that God would bless you as you visit  this site.  I pray that you would find enjoyment in the activities found here, and that you would find true joy in God.  I ask that He make His presence known to you and that you would know that God loves you.  In Jesus' name I pray.         Amen   

If you would like personal prayer, please email me at
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Pray for America:
Father in heaven, hear the prayers of your people.  Comfort the grieving, provide safety for our military, wisdom for our leaders, and healing for our land.  Awaken America to it's need of You.  Awaken our hearts to pray and intercede.  Bring America back to God.  In Christ's name we pray.
Thanks for visiting, come back soon.  Gramma Moses
In God We Trust
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