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Ross Knippenberg
Hi....................My name is Ross Knippenberg aka Grandam4u aka Mr. Rossy.  I am 16 and loving it.  I live in Great Bend, Kansas, which is smack dab in the middle of the state.  See about my family and friends below.  I love my car to death and hope you go and check it out!  Please sign my guestbook, I enjoy hearing from the little people.
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84 Volvo Turbo
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My hobbies and interests include computer games, listening to music, speech and debate, working on my car, paintball, and obviously general internet stuff.  If you like roms, especially strategy, visit the links on my page (Of course don't go just yet).  I listen to most music, save country, and my favorite is rap.  Speech rules, and I can't wait for this season to get a move on.  My car, now that would be a highlight of this webpage and a definite place to visit.  It's like we have an emotional bond because it, I and Pete have been through so much together.
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My girlfriend's name is Heather Boltman.  She is the greatest.  My best friend would definitely have to be my older brother, Pete.  Followed by Nick Barton.

I live with my mom and dad.  My brother goes to college at Kansas State and called that home once, so I guess he actually does mostly live here with us.  I have lots of family in Chicago, Iowa, and Colorado.  Plus some semi-distant cousins in California.
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Pete and I, brothers, went to hollyball with Stephanie and Andrea, sisters.