Maj Gen Dato' N.Selvarajah. SPMJ, PSAT, DPMJ, DPMP, DIMP, DPTS, JMN
I was born on 12th March 1931.I was educated in Ngee Heng, Bukit Zahrah and English College, Johor Bahru. After a short spell with the Singapore Police Force, I joined the Malaysian Army in 1952 and retired as a Maj Gen in 1986, The Japanese occupation of Malaya (1942 - 1945) was one of starvation and suffering. The return of the British with their proposal of "Malayan Union" met with opposition and created rapid political changes. Malaya became independent (1957) and subsequently Malaysia in 1963. Indonesia objected to the formation of Malaysia and this resulted in a "Confrontation" between the two countries but ended up as best of friends.
Datin Rokuni was educated in Sultan Ibrahim Girls School, Johor Baru.
We were married on 14th Nov 1956. We have 2 daughters, Susila & Geeta
Life & Times
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Susila was born at the British Military Hospital in Kluang, Johor.She is a bit of a "normad".
After graduating from the University of Malaya, she served in our Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was the 2nd Seceretary at the Malaysian High Commission in Brunei where she met a fellow diplomat Allaster Cox.and got married. They have 2 daughters, Davina and Ariana
Geeta was born in Geelong, Australia. After obtaining her PhD from the University of Malaya, she became a lecturer at Inti College
My home town is Johor Baru, the capital of Johor
Datin Rokuni
The emergence of world communism resulted in communist terrerist (CT) activities and an "Emergency" was declared in 1948. The ambush and murder of Sir Henry Gurney saw the arrival of Gen Templer in 1952 who established the multi racial Federation Regiment and the begining of a full fledged army with all its supporting arms and services.
Grand daughters Ariana & Davina
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