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How Do They Come?
How do they come?
Small in body,
fragile in spirit,
scared in heart,
and sometimes crying.
These are the grandchildren whose lives are uncertain.
How do they come?
     Larger than life,
uncertain of stamina,
unsure of resources,
sometimes crying,
but filled with the belief
in spirit
that this is the way.
These are the grandparents
who are about to embark
on an unknown journey
with unknown trials
to achieve an end
called security and love;
for the grandchildren
left in their care.
It is to all the grandparents
who have accepted
this challenging journey
that we dedicate
this site.
It is our love and knowledge that we send to you
in hopes that it will help
when nothing else
seems to.
Member News
Well, Spring has Sprung!
and all of us are looking forward to spending time outdoors with our special children.  Since we may be looking for things to occupy their time, may I suggest that we take time to "smell the flowers" and enjoy the songs of the robins. 
It is truly an awesome time of year to see all the newness around us.

We are like most organizations in the fact that the more people we have, the livelier things become.  We are looking forward to our activities with the children.

Even if "everything" is going well for you now, please come out and join us...who knows, something you say may just make a difference in someone elses life and their situation.

Please know that help is  available to those who have yet to join our organization.

You mail e-mail us at
or call
Mary @ 360-532-9227 or

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Come and join us.

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Come to our meetings and learn how you can be a part of this positive and active organization.
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special events.
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