Granni39's hand-written  recipes laid around in an old notebook for many years, along with some clippings from magazines and newspapers.

Advent of the word processor - they were transformed into the typed word and printed out for sharing in another notebook.

Her first PC - whoopee! Scan them into the computer - use OCR software to get those old recipes into the computer! Now we're cooking! Okay, so that was a few years ago and now..... finally.....

Granni is ready to share her old tried and true recipes with the rest of the world. She will continue to add more recipes as they turn up in the kitchen.
Not wanting to "reinvent the wheel" I'd rather share
Barton Place a website I created on MSN for storing  heart-smart recipes, adaptations of some of our old family favorites.

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Sometimes an old girl just feels like an old girl
       BUT ------->
not very often!
Granni's Recipe Box is filling up with.....
Do you know where your kids are?
Oh! you're a granni too; well then do your kids know where their kids are?

So they're safely at home surfing the net; what could be safer than that!??

Here's a place you might want to surf right along with them:
Click here to see zonya's website!
If you're a busy mom, you're gonna LOVE it! (Hey, I'm a busy granni & I use quick & easy recipes all the time!) This page began as a labor of love & will continue to grow.
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"No one cooks alone. Even at her most solitary, a mom in the kitchen is surrounded by generations of cooks past, the advice and menus of cooks present."
- Laurie Colwin
November 1, 2002
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Do you know about Zonya Foco?
She's a dietician of world-wide reknown. After Grampa's heart surgery, we learned about Zonya from a dietician we met with during his recovery program.

Zonya, born in Michigan, has a great book called "
Lickety-Split Meals: For Health Conscious People on the Go!"

Whether you're looking for heart-healthy, diabetic meals or just want to watch you weight, she has quick and easy recipes for you.
For a REAL visual treat, visit.....
Butterflies in Bloom
Learn all About Child Safety on the Internet Highway
..... especially Child Safety on the Internet Highway! Click the kids around the world!