Go Granny Go

This is a site for Grannies ????

Is that what youíre thinking ????

Well, it IS a site for Grannies, set up and maintained by a Granny.

What did you expect Ė gray hair and a walking stick ??

I donít do gray hair, and Iíll do the walking stick bit when I find

myself crawling to the hairdresser.

O.K. ???

Am I old ???

Of course Iím old !

My grandkids think Iím ancient !

I keep getting questions that begin with

ďGran, in the olden days, whatÖÖÖ.Ē

Am I young ?

Of course Iím young !

I still have my stilettos in the cupboard, and just you watch,

Iím going to wear them one day Ė

And shock the lot of you !

Did you think because I was a granny I couldnít master this computer ???

Well, youíre wrong !

Are you listening, kids ?

Your Mom is making a website ! HAH !


Just call me CYBERGRAN !

I can do this !

If itís the last thing I ever do, Iíll master this !

So, why is she doing this, you may well ask ?

Iím doing it because itís here, itís now, itís part of my future, and

I have a brain. OK ?

AndÖ.Iím really having a great time !

Just because my face has furrows deeper than a ploughed field,

and my underarms are still waving long after my hand has stopped,

doesnít mean I canít have some fun on the Web, does it ?

If youíre a Granny, please take this

Rose from me. Itís my calling card

And you deserve it !

Please link it back to my site.

Thanks !


At my age, I need all the traffic I can get !

So, this is it Ė Go, Granny, Go !

Enjoy !

And keep coming back. In fact, bookmark this site !

Iím gonna make history !

Iím doing the whole bit Ė adding pages as I go along.

This is just the start of it !

*†† The Kids Know Everything !

*Those Little Darlings !

*†† Pink Polka Dot Shorts

* This Bear's on Strike !

* A Serious Page!

* Awards

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when I get old !

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