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Fine Gourmet Old English Toffee
Handmade in Virginia

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This English toffee is handmade in Virginia from a secret family recipe, using only the best quality butter, sugar, fine chocolate, and nuts. It's rich, buttery, and very crunchy, a mouthwatering delight for adults and children alike, and a comfort to the soul on cold winter days.

About Our English Toffee

I still make it the old fashioned way, by hand in small batches. It tastes like caramel and chocolate and it'll melt in your mouth. And it is crunchy.

For over 40 years I mostly made this toffee at Christmas to give as gifts to friends and family. One of my nieces used to beg me for the recipe, and I gave her the recipe. But hers didn't turn out like mine, it just didn't taste like mine. Another of my nieces says that nobody can make it taste the way I do.

It tastes like caramel and chocolate and it'll melt in your mouth. And it is crunchy.

I've worked at the polls as an Election Official for about 30 years. When we work at the polls they tell us to bring something to eat, and something to share with the other Election Officials. (We are not allowed to leave while the polls are open.) This English toffee is what I take to share, and now they all expect me to bring it. And if they don't see it, or if I haven't put it out yet, they'll ask me where it is. And they always eat every piece if it; no matter how much I take, they eat it all. They said it is so good I should sell it. So I am.

You can serve it proudly anytime when company comes. Or stash away a little for a treat. Toffee keeps well and holds its flavor in the freezer, so you never have to be without a tasty treat when you want some.
Thank you,
Ara (Heather's Granny)


Order our English Toffee in Advance! Get a Discount!

Visit our store to order in advance now, and we'll give you a substantial discount! English Toffee makes a great gift for the start of school in the fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year 2004.

The English toffee is available in 1 pound and 1/2 pound packages.


We ship from September through April in the USA only.

Currently we have come to the end of the toffee shipping season due to the warm weather. We ship September through April, just like oyster season, in the months that have an R in them. We do not ship during the hot summer months, so that the toffee you receive is the same fine toffee we shipped.

Quality & Cleanliness

The first rule in Grannys Kitchen is Wash your hands!

My little granddaughter knows that when she helps Granny in the kitchen the first rule is to wash your hands.

We keep a spotless clean kitchen to make sure that this is the best toffee we can make and the best toffee you can buy. We process each order personally from start to finish. So whether you order one pound or one hundred pounds, you can be assured of fine, friendly service and personal attention.

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