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Fibonacci flowers
Khali, OpenGL caleidoscope
Romanescu, the fractal cabbage

New! February 3, 2004

First english version online. Hello to everybody.

 FibFlower and Khali are now available for download, in english version.

January 18, 2004

Grantasca arrives to cyberdespace (spanish: despacio = slow), as seen from my modem. I just installed Fedora Core 1, whose 3 cds needed 7 days for downloading.

Newest: FibFlower, a beautiful OpenGL program based on sunflower seed growth. It draws Fibonacci Spirals, as present in the flower. With many buttons to play with.

GranTasca substitutes a obsolete page, from which it takes two sections:

Khali the occlusive caleidoscope. It is a 2d Opengl program, that draws circular triangle strips, rotating in both directions. When strips overlap, a interesting visual effect appears.

The Romanescu, the fractal cabbage. A giant and eatable flower, made of spirals which are made of spirals which...