Dont get too excited...  This page is just me babbling on about my life in fire or what ever else tweeks my interest. I hope ya find it enjoyable...if so let me know!
A little info about me you ask? ..ok.  I am Jim G. For the last 23 years I have been living in northwestern WI.  I am a native of Northern CA and am married with two great kids, a 13 yr old boy and a 10 year old girl.  Coming from a large urban community on the west coast, I am loving the small town lifestyle.  I currently work for the WI Dept. of Natural Resources as a Fire/Forestry Technician, which is basically a wildland firefighter (in my case a tractor plow operator) and general jack of all trades. ...Oh, ...the photo above (appears when you mouse over the photo)? Thats me circa 1984 in my hard ass and fat wallet fire fightin days...hmmm.. hard ass & fat wallet...those are kinda switched around now.   If you want to read on about my life in fire or check out some of my fire pics, just click on the links below
...if you REEELY want to know about my life in here
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If you wait till the embers are a flyin to protect your home it will probably be to late, and add more risk to firefighters!!
TheWildland Firefighter Foundation provides emotional and monetary support to the families of firefighters who perished in the line of duty.  Please support this great cause.
Ok, its time to belly up to the campfire for some photos.  But be forwarned, I havent putzed any with thumbnails, so the pages bleow will take a bit to load...plenty of time to click and run to the fridge fer a cold one.
2003 photos
2004 photos
5yrs and counting till I can throw in the towel.
2006 Spring Fire Season photos
2005 photos