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Grechen -- Honolulu Marathon Finisher
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I am currently taking a hiatus from marathon running.  But please feel free to take a look at these pages, pictures and links.
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Chicago Marathon
Welcome to my Marathon Training Web Page!

On December 9, 2001, I finished my 3rd marathon -- the 2001 Honolulu Marathon.  For the second year I was a part of the
National AIDS Marathon Training Program, running to raise money for AIDS Project Los Angeles. 

Be sure to keep up with my training progress.  I'll be posting frequent updates througout the weeks to let you know how I'm doing and how many miles I have logged so far.  Click on "
My Training" to see my progress.

Click on the "Chicago Marathon"or the Los Angeles Marathon links to see me in action.

Click on the "
Honolulu Marathon" link to see the me in action this year.  Simply select "Honolulu Marathon"  from the drop down menu.  Then type in my last name -- Wingerter and Bib Number -- 14313.  Click on "GO" and you'll see me running like a fool.  Of if that's too much work, just look at the photos below.

A BIG "Thank You" goes out to everyone for all the support and encouragement while I was training for Honolulu.  I reached my fundraising goal and I couldn't have done it without you!  Thank you! Thank you!  Thank you!
Honolulu Marathon
A 2001 Honolulu Finisher
My Training (Now Here!)
Grechen -- L.A. Marathon Finisher
Who I Am
Grechen Wingerter 
2001 Los Angeles Marathon Finisher
Grechen -- Chicago Marathon Finisher
Go, Chicken, Go!
Grechen at the Start Line L.A. '01
Grechen L.A. '01
2000 Chicago Marathon Finisher
Grechen -- Still Going Strong HM '01
Grechen -- Determined HM '01
At the starting line
L.A. 2001
Grechen -- Near the end HM '01
L.A. 2001
Grechen -- Crossing the Finish Line HM '01
Frank Shorter Group HM '01
On the road again
Honolulu 2001
Gotta keep moving!
Honolulu 2001
Peace, y'all!
Honolulu 2001
Thank God it's over!
Honolulu 2001
The Frank Shorters of Griffith Park Sunday
Honolulu 2001