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          Survivor Movement Principles -- Two Canadian Documents:
          Declaration of Principles and Bill of Rights for Psychiatric Inmates in Canada:

          Who's really dangerous?
          Media bias - forced drugging - outpatient
          By Don Weitz:

          Fear, force and fraud:
          Teaching the three "f's" of psychiatry
          Part 1 - Fear
          By Don Weitz:

          Fear, force and fraud:
          Teaching the three "f's" of psychiatry
          Part 2 - Force and Fraud
          By Don Weitz:

          25 Good Reasons Why Psychiatry Must Be Abolished:
          by Don Weitz:

          (Please see Index on Documents as well as far as the Canadian Don Weitz is concerned.)

          The political is personal:
          Why have a revolution (from within or
          without) when you can have soma?
          By: Sasha Claire McInnes:

          and continued on:

           psychiatry's brave new world
           I Am You | by Sasha Claire McInnes:

           Proposed mental health legislation quashes rights:
           Community treatment orders to be introduced this spring
           By: Graeme Bacque:
           The Dangerous Social Designation of 'The Mentally Ill':
           By Graeme Bacque:

          Hosted at:
          Graeme Bacque's Home Page:
           On: Thursday, July 6, 2000
           Graeme Bacque <> wrote:
           HUMAN RIGHTS ALERT: A Psychiatric Survival Broadsheet
           (Issue # 10)
           I started putting out this little newsletter in June last
           year, as a way of expressing news and views about issues of
           interest to Psychiatric Survivors.
           Issue #10 includes an update on the legislative situation
           in Ontario, Canada and elsewhere, and a piece on the 'Mad
           Pride' celebrations that will be taking place in several
           locations around the world during the week of July 8-15.
           This newsletter is available for download at
           in both PDF (Adobe Acrobat) and HTML format.
           Comments to <>.
           Human Rights Alert - A Psychiatric Survival Broadsheet
           *** E-mail: <> ***
           Current Updates and More Information
           on CTO's in Ontario:
           Note: Make sure to both scroll down the page
           for its information and also click onto the
           links at the top of the page.
           Reason magazine
           July 2000
           Curing the Therapeutic State:
           Thomas Szasz on the medicalization of American life
           Interviewed by Jacob Sullum:

           Thomas S. Szasz Cybercenter for Liberty and Responsibilty:

           Thomas Szasz Speaking Engagements:
           Keynote Address, Ninth Biennial Conference of the North
           American Personal Construct Network
           New Paltz, New York
           July 14, 2000
           For information, contact Dr. Jonathan Raskin,
           The Highlander Statement of Concern and Call to Action:
           To be a mental patient ... :
           By Rae Unzicker:

           From Privileges to Rights: People Labeled with Psychiatric
           Disabilities Speak for Themselves:

           Justin Dart, Jr. on Forced Treatment:
           May 2, 1998, Washington, DC;
           No forced treatment:

           Sociopolitical Realities:
           by Sue Poole:

           Hosted at:
           Antipsychiatry Reading Room:
           If It Isn't Voluntary It Isn't Treatment:
           By Vicki Fox Wieselthier, WebMaster of MadNation:

           Forced Treatment Doesn't Work:
           The promise of community mental health service
           was neither funded nor fulfilled
           By Vicki Fox Wieselthier and Michael Allen:

           Trust, not Coercion, Facilitates Recovery:
           By William Sullivan, Executive Director,
           MHA in Essex County, New York:
           Judi Chamberlin debates Torrey on Involuntary Treatment
           Should Forced Medication be a Treatment Option in
           Patients with Schizophrenia?:

           Hosted at:
           National Empowerment Center:

           Involuntary Outpatient Commitment:
           If It Isn't Voluntary....
           Maybe It Isn't Treatment
           by Elaine Sutton Mbionwu:
          Mental Health Advocacy, from Then to Now:
          National Association for Rights Protection and Advocacy:

           City Limits
           Kevin Heldman's expose:
           7 1/2 Days:
           Reporter Kevin Heldman was confined on Woodhull's
           psychiatric unit for 179 hours. His treatment consisted
           of three hours of group counseling, four hours of
          dancing and stretching, and 25 minutes with
           psychiatrists. Total charges, $8,400.
          Shrinking the Freedom of Thought:
          How Involuntary Psychiatric Treatment Violates
          Basic Human Rights
          By Richard Gosden:

          Working Axioms for Understanding Psychiatric Oppression
          and Implementing a Program of Personal and Social
          By John Breeding, Ph.D.:

          The Enforcer:
          Mental Health System Oppression as a STOP
          Sign on Liberation from Other Societal Oppressions
          by John Breeding, Ph.D.:

          The Necessity of Madness and Unproductivity:
          Psychiatric Oppression or Human Transformation
          By John Breeding, Ph.D.:

          Dilemmas and Controversies of Traditional Psychiatry:
          By Stanislav Grof:

           The World's Worst Knock-Knock Joke:

           The Trouble with PACT:
          Questioning the increasing use of Assertive Community
          Treatment Teams in community mental health
          By Patricia Spindel and Jo Anne Nugent:

         Forced Treatment: Symptom or Cure?:
         By Deborah Lisi-Baker <>
         "The Independent":
         Self-determination and independence versus force and dependency:
         By Morgan W. Brown:
          Vermont's Vision of a Public System of Developmental
          and Mental Health Services without Coercion:
          By Rod Copeland:

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