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Ressursside for litteratur- og informasjonssøk:

Psykiatrikritikk og Antipsykiatri:
Sothern Europe:
Mexico and Latin-America:
Alternativ Helse / Alternative Health:
False Memory:
Holocaust / Nazism:
(Anti-)Rusmiddel og Medikament:
(Ex-)Brukarar og Overlevande:
(Ex-)Brukar- og Overlevandeorganisasjonar:
Psykologar og Psykiatarar etc.:
Diverse / Miscellaneous:

Psykiatrikritikk og Antipsykiatri:
Sothern Europe:
Mexico and Latin-America:
Alternativ Helse / Alternative Health:
Holocaust / Nazism: Austrian antipsychiatry website
Online Dictionary of Mental Health: An Anti-Psychiatry Reading List – antipsykiatrisk litteraturliste frå Universitetet i Sheffield
the Advocacy and Community Online Resource Network (A.C.O.R.N), Britain Defunct United Kingdom Advocacy Network (UKAN), Britain Defunct
USA & Canada: A links list made in July 2000 American Iatrogenic Association (AIA) -
promoting accountability for medical professionals and institutions Diane Klein, USA, author of the novel In the name of help. A novel exposing psychiatric abuse Outstanding Websites Even more websites
Antipsychiatry Reading Room – veldig grundig Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law, USA
Citizens Commision on Human Rights (CCHR) / Medborgernes Menneskerettskommisjon (MMK) – skipa av den ungarskfødde amerikanske psykiataren Thomas S. Szasz og scientologi-"kyrkja" i 1969. CCHR har i dag over 120 avdelingar i 28 land.
http.// - Freedom Magazine, a CCHR mmagazine. Council on Domestic Relations (CDR) / Sweet Liberty  founded in November 1992 -
Warning: This website has an anti-Communist paranoia Council on Domestic Relations' God Bless the Little Children
Deadly RestraintHartford Courants artikkelserie um dødsfall på psykiatriske institusjonar i USA. The Don and Carla Show, USA - a radio show. You can listen to it through the web. Human Rights Internet. A Human Rights Gateway Document Centre. Psychiatric Abuse
The Light Seekers / International Coalition for Intellectual Cooperation (ICFI)
Carrie L. Drake: Something Ain't Right in the Cuckoo's Nest  + (defunct)
at Leading Edge International Research Group
Robert F. Meinsma 1998: A Brief History of Mental Therapy Mental Disability Rights International (MDRI), USA Mind Control Forum, USA
The MoJo Wire - Interactive Exposés and Politics. Mother Jones Interactive. Daily News for the Sceptical Citizen Net edition of the Mother Jones Magazine
Mother Jones was an (in-)famous rebel woman - famous with the powerless and infamous with the powerful
National Association for Rights Protection and Advocacy (NARPA), USA –
amerikansk menneskerettsorganisasjon som arbeider for rettane til psykiatriutsette og andre. Joanne K. Stebbins-Stilbitz'
Nuck 'n Futs. A Checkup From the Neck Up! - incl. Quack of the Month and Nuck 'n Futs Hall of Shame Sylvia Caras' People Who - a place of discussion Pseudoscience in Psychology Psychiatry FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Relatives & Allies of Psychiatric Survivors (RAPS), USA, founded in November 1997 Schizofrenia. A Cure Stop Shrinks, USA TASH. Disability Advocacy Advocacy Worldwide

Southern Europe: Italiensk antipsykiatri
Towards an Ecology of Mind (Sinnets Økologi), Italia – millom anna Dark Side of  Psychiatry - og Ronald D. Laing -
Mexico and Latin-America: Instituto Franco Basaglia, Brazil - founded in 1989

Alternativ Helse / Alternative Health:

Under this heading I collect links on alternatives to mainstream psychiatry, whether inside or outside academic medicine.
Alternative Mental Health, USA - you can subscribe to their free e-mail newsletter by sending a blank e-mail to
Healt Freedom Resources Burch House, New Hampshire - USA. Alternative recovery and treatment institution founded in 1978 inspired by the late Scottish psychiatrist Ronald D. Laing (1927-89). Gary Null's Natural Living. Exploring the nature and politics of medicine, health, nutrition and the environment Mr. Null is a psychologist and has his own radio show The Gateway to Health, including ADD-AD/HD:
Kids in Perth. The Parents Paper. August 2000. Issue No. 57 (Perth, USA)
Depession - The Secret Scourge of Childhood
The Lifeworks Group, Perth, Western Australia

Thought Field Therapy:

Great Britain

Norway the website of Norwegian thought field therapist Mats J. Uldal

USA the website of thought field therapy founder psychologist Roger Callahan, California

Electroshock (ECT):

Under this heading I collect Anti-Elctroschock links.

Please see psychiatrist Peter Breggin's article on electroshock  neurologist John M. Friedberg Ban Shock Committee for Truth in Psychiatry (CTIP) -
overlevande frå elektrosjokk / electroshock survivors. Hosted at Shoshanna's website., USA No Shock - No to Electroscock

False Memory:

See psychologist Kenneth S. Pope, USA, og Addiction Recovery Foundation, Britain, as well British False Memory Society (BFMS) Flase Memory Syndrome Foundation, Philadelphia, USA Australian False Memory Association (AFMA) Nasjonal Støttegruppe Mot Falske Incestanklager (NSMFIA), Norway
Postboks 30 Sandsli, N-5861 Bergen - (00 47) 90 97 58 98 -

Holocaust / Nazism:

Please see Die Irren-Offensive, Berlin. Disability Rights Advocates:
Holocaust and People with Disabilities Holocaust Teacher Research Center United States Holocaust Memorial Museums's pamphlet Handicapped - the Nazi treatment of handicapped people from 1933 - 1945 +
Mental Health Facts

(Anti-)Rusmiddel og medikament: Riksförbundet för Hjälp åt Narkotika- och Läkemedelsberoande (RFHL), Sverige Svensk sosialpolitkk av RFHL, RSMH m.fl.
Addiction Recocery Foundation / the magazine Addiction Today, Britain +
Chemical Sensitivity Disorders Association, USA - Chemical Reaction Support Group Gary Novak's The Dangers of Psychiatric Drugs

International Coalition for Drug Awareness (ICDA): - med Survivors' Links:
Prozac Survivor – overlevande frå det psykiatriske medikamentet Prozac (norsk namn: Fontex)
Prozac Survivors Support Group (PSSG)
What you should know about psychiatry and psychiatric drugs - psychologist Ann Blake Tracy etc.

MBD / ADD / ADHD and Ritalin websites

Neurologist Fred A. Baugham

Psychologist John Breeding

Psychiatrist Peter Breggin Ritalin Fraud - information about a class action lawsuit filed by the law firm Waters & Kraus - + - May 1st, 2000 against the American Psychhiatric Association (APA), two pharmaseutical corporations and CHADD - (according to a press release from CHADD March 14, 2001, Waters & Kraus seems to have lost the lawsuit).
See Waters & Kraus' Autism Fraud - - as well. +
Tom DeWeese's Ritalin is Poison at Health Freedom Resources / + Ritalin. The Killer of Children - medical doctor Karl Loren

Geocities websites on MBD / ADD / ADHD and Ritalin ADD / ADHD Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder
The Fraud of Child Psychiatry, ADD/ADHD, Attention Deficit Disorder, and Ritalin

(Ex-)Brukarar og Overlevande:

Sjå også Psykiatrikritikk og antipsykiatri. Elektrosjokk. Graeme Bacque, Canada Defunct
Sue Clark’s Psychiatry Buster Home Page – den kanadiske overlevande Sue Clark the survivor Clover the survivor David James
Shoshanna’s Psychiatric Survivor’s Guide – den amerikanske overlevande Shoshanna.
Sjå Committee for Truth in Psychiatry (anti-electroshock). Madness, England
Electroshock  (ECT), lobotomy, hearing voices etc. Survivors Speak Out, Britain Defunct psychiatric survivior website of Parkdale Community Legal Services,
in Toronto, Ontario, Canada Overlevande frå psykiatrien ICDA's Survivor Links

(Ex-)Brukar- og Overlevandeorganisasjonar:

ENUSP - Europeisk Nettverk / European Network: + + E-mail
The European Network of (Ex-)Users of Surviviors of Psychiatry (ENUSP). Gir ut bladet The European Newsletter of (Ex-)Users and Survivors of Psychiatry. The Newsletter of  The European Network of (Ex-)Users and Survivors of Psychiatry and The World Network of (Ex-)Users and Survivors of Psychiatry + . Speak Truth to Power,2000 - text: Kerry Kennedy Cuomo - pictures: Eddie Adams
Gábor Gombos, Ungarn, styreleiar i Europeisk Nettverk, har vori involvert i dette bokprosjektet um menneskerettar - - saman med folk som Vaclav Havel, Dalai LLama, Desmond Tutu og Elie Wiesel.

WNUSP: + E-mail
The World Network of (Ex-)Users and Survivors of Psychiatry (WNUSP)

Nordic Countries:
Riksförbundet för Sosial och Mental Hälsa (RSMH) – "Mental Helse Sverige" – skipa i januar 1967 og Riksförbundet Ungdom för Sosial Hälsa (RUS), skipa i 1996

http;// Landsforeningen av nåværende og tidligere Pykiatribrugere (National Association of Users and Ex-Users of Psychiatry), Danmark, skipa i 1999 Galebevægelsen/the Mad People's Movement, Danmark
Galebevægelsen i Vestjylland, Danmark/the Mad People's Movement in Western Jutland, Denmark

Galebevegelsen i Danmark gir ut bladet Amalie - uppkalt etter Amalie Skram (1845-1905). Den uhøgtidelege Galebevegelsen vart skipa i Danmark i 1979 og fekk følgje av Galebevegelsen i Oslo i 1989. På Jæren / i Stavanger vart det skipa ei Galerørsle i 1985, men det er berre den i Oslo som enno fins. Netværkstedet Thorvaldsen, København Radiostasjon i København

Germany: + Bundesverband Psychiatrie-Erfahrener (BPE) Weglaufhaus i Berlin - ein tilfluktsstad frå psykiatrien +
Peter Lehmann Antipsychiatrie-Verlag & -Versand/Peter Lehmann Publishing House, Berlin
Lehmann sel millom anna tysk- og engelskspråkleg antipsykiatrisk litteratur.
E-mail / Peter Lehmann, Berlin + E-mail
Psychiatrie-Erfahrenen Info-Netz (Informations-Netzwerk) og BPE Berlin-Brandenburg/tidsskriftet Die Irren-Offensive (Lunatics' Offensive) - den tyske Galebevegelsen, inkl. Websites des Horrors.
Se også IAAPA, Israel, og Psykiatrikritikk og Antipsykiatri: Holocaust og Nazisme. tidsskriftet Die Irren-Offensive E-mail
Freedom from Fear Tour - Germany July/August 1999 ( + Psychiatry and National Socialism: Freedom from Fear (Fridom frå Frykt)-turnéen i Tyskland og motkongressen til World Psychiatric Association (WPA)-kongressen i Hamburg i Juli-August 1999 - Die Irren-Offensive arrangerde denne kongressen i samarbeid med Support Coalition International, USA, og Israeli Association Against Psychiatric Assault. Sjå også Holocaust / Nazisme. Lehrstuhl für Wahnsinn e-mail + e-mail
Freedom of Thought / (the Fifth International Bertrand) Russell Tribunal on Human Rights in Psychiatry / 
(Det femte internasjonale Bertrand) Russeltribunalet om Menneskerettar i Psykiatrien (2001) +
Foucault Tribunal on the State of Psychiatry (1998): Focaulttribunalet i 1998 og Nürnbergdommen deira mot psykiatrien - uppkalla etter den franske historikaren Michel Foucault. Arrangørar: Die Irren-Offensive og Freie Universität, Berlin. Den amerikanske professoren i psykiatri Thomas S. Szasz stødde tribunalet.
Haus des Eigensinns. Museum der Wahnsinnigen Schönheit
the exhibition The Missing Link, incl. Karl Bonhoeffer and the Path to Medical Genocide Tysk - against coercive psychiatry Die Futuristen - antipsychiatric leftwing group founded in 1998
Rest of Europe: Britiske Mad Pride Mind. The Mental Health Charity, England Mind Cymru, Wales Survivors Speak Out, England Defunct Nederlandske Clientenbond Les Sans-Voix (Mouvement Les Sans–Voix/The Voiceless Movement), Switzerland (Sveits) Forum Anti-Psychiatrischer Initiativen (FAPI) Wien, Austria Voice of Soul Association (Foreningen for Sjelens Stemme), Hungary (Ungarn), founded in february 1996, the biggest organization of (ex-)users and survivors in Hungary

USA and Canada:
Support Coalition International og tidsskriftet Mind Freedom (ex-Dendron News), Oregon i USA – ei internasjonal antipsykiatrisk samanslutning av einskildmedlemmar og ca. 100 organisasjonar i 14 land. Frontfigur: David Oaks. E-mail / Mail med meldinga subscribe dendrite for å abonnere gratis på antipsykiatriske nyheitsbrev på e-post.
Antipsychiatry Coalition i USA – millom anna artiklar av advokaten Lawrence Stevens og psykiataren David Kaiser. California Network of Mental Health Clients EFN, USA MadNation, Canada og USA (defunct) M-Power, Massachusetts, USA AGIDD-SMQ, Quebec, Canada Lunatics' Liberation Front, Canada People Against Coercive Treatment (PACT), Canada RAIDDAT, Canada

Middle East:
Israeli Association Against Psychiatric Assault (IAAPA). E-mail See Die Irren-Offensive, Berlin.

Psykologar og psykiatarar etc.:

I tillegg til Peter R. Breggin, Ronald D. Laing (1927-1989) og Thomas S. Szascz hører den sørafrikanske psykiataren David Cooper til dei fremste psykiatrikritiske og antipsykiatriske psykiatarane. David Cooper er kjent millom anna frå boka Psychiatry and Anti-Psychiatry, London 1967 (svensk utgåve 1970, dansk utgåve 1971, norsk utgåve Gyldendal 1971 og 1981). Det fins fleire bøker av Laing på norsk. Det er lettare å finna kritiske psykologar enn å finna kritiske psykiatarar, men i USA er det så mange psykiatarar at det fins fleire kritiske. I Noreg fins det få eller ingen yrkesaktive psykiatarar som fortjener å kallas antipsykiatar.

Norway: Radical Psychology Network (RadPsyNet) the Gesundheit! Institute of medical doctor Patch Adams, USA +
Nevrologen Fred A. Baugham, USA. Med kritikk av MBD-ADD-AD/HD-diagnosen.
Millions of Children, Labeled ADD / ADHD, Were Normal All Along (September 29, 2000)
at Council for Domestic Relations (CDR)
Psykologen John Breeding’s The Wildest Colts Make the Best Horses. The Truth About Ritalin, ADHD and Other ”Disruptive Behaviour Disorders” – A Resource Site For Parents and a Challenge to the Biomedical Mental Health Industry – også namnet på boka til John Breeding (USA 1996). Ressursside for foreldre som ikkje vil stemple villstyringane sine som MBD-born (ADD/AD-HD-born) og la PP-kontoret gje elevane det psykiatriske medikamentet Ritalin – psykiatrien gjev tusenvis av norske skuleelevar Ritalin – i USA lir millionar av skuleelevar den same skjebnen.
Den amerikanske psykiatriprofessoren Peter R. (Roger) Breggin og kona hans Ginger Ross Breggin – The International Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology (ICSPP), Maryland i USA. Peter R. Breggin skipa CSPP i 1971 som eit alternativ til offisiell psykiatri. ICSPP gir ut tidsskriftet Ethical Human Sciences and Services (EHSS): +

Some of mr. Breggin's books (some coauthored with his wife Ginger Ross Breggin) -
Empathic Turning Points in Therapy. Senior Editor: Peter Breggin, 2000. Coeditors: Ginger breggin and Fred Bemak
Reclaiming Our Children: A Healing Solution for a Nation In Crisis, 2000
Your Drug May Be Your Problem. How and Why to Stop Taking Psychiatric Medications, 1999 (saman med professor i sosialt arbeid psykolog David Cohen)
Talking Back to Ritalin 1998
The War Against Children of Color 1998 (saman med Ginger Ross Breggin) (ei uppdatering The War against Children 1994)
Brain–Disabling Treatments in Psychiatry 1997
The War against Children 1994 first edition (saman med Ginger Ross Breggin)
Talking Back to Prozac 1994 (saman med Ginger Ross Breggin)
Toxic Psychiatry 1991 – 1993 London edition, 1994 paperback
Psychiatric Drugs. Hazards to the Brain 1983
Electroshock. Its Braindisabling Effects 1979

Peter Breggins artikkel Electroshock: scientific, ethical, and political issues ( International Journal of Risk & Safety in Medicine 11 (1998) 5-40 IOS Press ) ligg på Antipsychiatry Reading Room: +
Daniel Burston, professor i psykologi ved Duquesne University, USA
Forfattar av The Wing of Madness: The Life & Work of R.D.Laing -
den engelske sosialpsykiataren Duncan B. Double, Norwich. ( Critical Psychiatry Network , Britain ) +
Antipsychiatry Website – psykiatrisida og andre internettsider til Duncan B. Double. psychologist Ty Colbert's Center for Psychological Alternatives to Biopsychiatry, USA

psychiatrist Lee Coleman, USA official website - several articles by mr. Dorman Catholic Encyclopedia
medical doctor Thomas A. (Alfred) Dorman, USA psychologist Seth Farber, USA - his website is a must for those interested in religion

Michel Foucault (1926-84) fransk filosof - sjå Blad og bøker om psykiatri & antipsykiatri:
Foucault Tribunal, Berlin 1998
Clare O'Farrell,  the Queensland University of Technology, Australia: Michel Foucault. French Philosopher (1926-1984)
Ben Attias, California State University, Northridge: Foucault Pages at CSUN. Welcome to the World of Michel Foucault
Universitetet i Tromsø. Det humanistiske fakultet: neurologist John M. Friedberg, USA - electroshock etc. at Ecology of Mind, Italia
Shock Treatment, Brain Damage, and Memory Loss: A Neurological Perspective
American Journal of Psychiatry 134:9, September 1977. pp: 1010-1013. Professor i psykologi Kenneth J. Gergen - Antidiagnosis

psychologist Richard Gosden, Australia - author of Punishing the Patient. How psychiatrists misunderstand and mistreat
schizophrenia, Scribe Publications - -, Australia,  2001.
See Norwegian Antipsychiatry: Document Index: /
Human Rights Internet. Document Centre. Psychiatric Abuse: / Antipsychiatry Reading Room:
(Shrinking the Freedom of Thought.How Involuntary Psychiatric Treatment Violates Basic Human Rights, Monitors. Journal of Human Rights and Technology, Vol.1, February, 1997)
and, University of Wollongong, New South Wales
(Coercive psychiatry, human rights and public participation) for articles written by mr. Gosden

den amerikanske psykiataren David Kaiser, sjå Antipsychiatry Coalition
Commentary: Against Biologic Psychiatry at Psychiatric Times
Uoffisiell heimeside um den skotske psykiataren Ronald David Laing (1927–89).
Andre Laingrelaterte sider:
Burch House, USA
professor i psykologi Daniel Burston, USA
Towards an Ecology of Mind (Sinnets Økologi), Italia

psychiatrist Ron Leifer, USA + + etc.
medical doctor Karl Loren, USA (defunct) Antipsychiatry Bulletin Board Utmeldingsbrevet vart posta her January 19, 1999 Antipsychiatry Reading Room Mental Health Facts Oikos, Italia (defunct) medical doctor Karl Loren - according to psychoogist AL Siebert, mr. Mosher's letter was first posted on the web by mr. Loren psychologist Al Siebert's Successful Schizofrenia
Psykiataren Loren R. Mosher, USA - utmeldingsbrevet hans frå American Psychiatric Association December 4, 1998 ligg på alle desse 3 nettsidene. Mosher står bak Soteria House i California på 1970- og 80-talet (nedlagt) og inspirerde til Soteria House i Sveits.

psychologist Gary Null, USA +
Succesful Schizofrenia + THRIVEnet (Trivselsnett) - psykologen Al Siebert, USA.
The Skeptical Psychiatrist - psykiataren Douglas C. Smith, USA. +
Den ungarskfødde amerikanske psykiatriprofessoren Thomas S. Szasz (f. April 15, 1920) og hans Thomas S. Szasz Cybercenter for Liberty and Responsibility. Szasz er kjent frå mange bøker, millom anna The Myth of Mental Illness, New York 1961 og 1964 og London 1972. Sjå CCHR. - dette dokumentet ligg på Towards an Ecology of Mind (Sinnets Økologi), Italia
Thomas Szasz receives the Rollo May Award for 1998 from the American Psychological Association (August 1, 1998)

psychologist Ann Blake Tracy, USA

Diverse / Miscellaneous: Livskraft - radio- og fjernssynsprogram um psykiatri i Sverige Kenneth Ögren, Umeå Universitetet:
Lobotomins okända historia: kvinnor, barn och idioter opererades, Läkartidningen nr. 30-31 2000, Sverige Umeå Universitet - Pressmedelande 2000-07-27.
Uppmärksammad forskning om lobotomins historia
DOE Openness: Human Radiation Experiments - declassiifed inforamtion from the Department of Energy, USA
The Human Radiation Experiments (HREX) Information Management System - a federal US website on radiation experiiments involving humans - only declassified documents and no "X-files" +
Michael S. Bilson, USA psychologist Kenneth S. Pope, USA, incl. Burying Freud: Human Rights Web Institute for the Study of Therapeutic Change (ISTC) - pro-psychotherapy, but still an interesting page due to e.g. information about the harmful effects of psychiatric drugging the François-Xavier Bagnoud Center for Health and Human Rights + Health and Human Rights Organization Survey
at Harvard School of Public Health, USA United Nations International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims (IRCT) June 26 - United Nation's International Day for the Support of Victims of Torture
Europarådet / Council of Europe - - : Council of Europe. European Treaties Complete list of the Council of Europe's treaties

Fontain Houses (a movement founded in the USA in 1948): International Center for Clubhouse Development (ICCD), New York

Regnbuehuset (Rainbow House), Taastrup (at the outskirts of Copenhagen), founded in 1993


Stavanger, founded in 1994 +


New York

Propsykiatri: Psychology Today, USA - magazine for laymen Mental Health InfoSource, USA Psychiatric Times, USA Mental Health Net, USA – veldig grundig National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI), USA - one can't be more propsychiatric without being a psychiatrist oneself CHADD, USA - promotes Ritalin drugging of school choldren About ADD - Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder National Mental Health Association (NMHA), USA World Federation of Mental Health World Assembly of Mental Health 2001 - WFMH conference in Vancouver, Canada World Psychiatric Association (WPA)

the Biological Psychiatry World Congress in Berlin in July 2001:

http.//  Division of Neurology of The John Hopkins University School of Medicine
where extremist psychiatrist E. Fuller Torrey dwells

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