These are the Activities I am in.
Taco Bell
This is me posing for my sophmore year of football. I played on the sophmore and junior varsity team for about two months. Then I was moved up to varsity which was a great experince for me.


Top left in order: Chris Haines, Jess Bruske, Mike Young, Stan Johnson, Jeff Martin, Seth Sinclair, Dustin Kowell. Middle Row: Cale Bender, Austin Ingalls, Kyle, Baeir, Jon Christiansen, Scott Schmidt. Front Row: Kiley Krantz, Jordan Peterson, and Ryan Krome


This is a picture of Val and me in Huron doing a modeling show for Bride and Groom Unlimited.
This is at the same show just differnt attire.


This is the morning before my brother and I went to the Family Values concert in St.Paul. The bands there were: Static X, Linkin Park, Staind, and Stone Temple Pilots.