My 1999 Nissan Frontier
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What's up?

First off, my name is Greg.  I am 24 and live in Tucson, Az.  The purpose of this site is to document the work and modifications that went (and are going) in to customizing my truck.  Also, to tell a little bit about myself.  This page will be updated as I go, so it will be a work in progress...

In this site, you will see how I installed the entire stereo system as well as the  body and future suspension work.   I hope you enjoy reading this site, and hopefully give you some ideas for your Frontier.
You can reach me  by email or AIM if you have any questions or comments: Aim is FOR EXPORT ONLY and email is
You can also find me at  I am always on that forum.  If you are a nissan freak like me, check out this site.  Tons of knowlegable people and alot of information...
UPDATED 6/03/03
Hey everyone...  I have been neglecting this site lately, only because I have been so busy with my truck and work.  Since my  last update, I have installed 31 inch BFG tires mounted on some 15x8 Rock Crawler wheels, and I have done a 3 inch body lift.  Not too long ago, I also made a custom front bumper.  I have also done a roll pan and tailgate skin from FBI Mini.
You can see some of these pictures on the  Exterior Mods page.  There will also be links to the entire photo albums for the modification.  I am using and for the photo albums.
I have also been working on some projects on the side.  I have done a custom stereo install for my friends truck, built a fiberglass center console for my truck, and installed a CB radio in my truck.  Go to my projects page for write-ups, and pictures.
Please take the time so sign my guestbook.  I want feedback on everything that I have done so far.  Thank you for your time, and I am glad you visited my website...