Paul Temple  created by Francis Durbridge on BBC TV.
***The Paul Temple TV Series***

Television listing compiled by Ian Beard
Formatting by Greg Marshall. 24 July 2001.

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Televison Series One
23 November 1969 - 15 February 1970
No Episodes from this Series Are Known to Exist.

A BBC Production in Association with Taurus Films Gmbh Munich.
"Paul Temple" - Francis Matthews
"Steve" - Ros Drinkwater

Producer - Alan Bromly
Special theme music written by Ron Grainer

1; Who Dies Next    (23-11-69)
Paul and Steve arrive home to find they have been burgled. Curiously, nothing of value seems to have been taken, but books have been removed from the bookshelves as if someone had been searching through them. Searching for what?
Writer .Peter Miller     Director .Douglas Camfield
2; Message from A Dead Man

Spending a weekend at Random Cottage, Paul and Steve are visited by a young American, who tells them he has heard a murder being arranged on the telephone. When Paul starts checking he finds that everything the American told him was untrue.Then a man is found dead.
Writer.John Roddick  Director.Paul Ciappessoni
3; There Must Be A Mr X 

After an evening at a gambling club, Paul takes a hostess, Sandra, back to her flat. When Paul arrives home in the early hours of the morning he tells Steve he has been talking over old times with a friend. What is Paul up to?
Writer .David Ellis     Director .Eric Hills
4; Missing Penny

Paul is told a strange story about a girl missing from a village not far from Random Cottage. He learns that she didn't drive a car and she didn't take the only bus to the nearest station. In fact, nobody saw her leave at all ...
Writer .Cyril Abrahams     Director .Tina Wakerell
5; The Man Who Wasn't Really There

A man known to Paul and Steve is reported killed in an air crash in Rome. But Steve is positive that the man called at the Temples' home shortly after the time given for the crash.
Writer .John Tully     Director .Douglas Camfield
6; Which One of Us Is Me?

Paul is asked for help by a man called Howard Hawthorn. Apparently someone is intent on destroying Howard; his character, his marriage, his sanity. Paul asks who this someone is. Howard replies, 'Howard Hawthorn.'
Writer .David Chantler     Director .Paul Ciappessoni
7; Inside Information

A private enquiry agent calls to see Steve, who tells him she wants him to watch Paul. When the agent asks why, Steve says she suspects Paul of being unfaithful, and requires evidence for a divorce.
Writer .David Ellis    Director .Tina Wakerell
8; The Masked Lady

A film is being made in an ancestral home about the legend of the strange disappearance of the Masked Lady. A young girl playing the part also disappears.
Writer   .John Tully   Director .Rex Tucker
9; Swan Song For Colonel Harp

Colonel Harp is one of the regulars at the Falcon. One day a stranger comes to see him. Eric observes that the Colonel seems frightened. Shortly, it is announced that the Colonel is selling his house and moving to a cottage in the country. The stranger asks Eric to take a trunk down to the cottage. The Colonel is not present. The stranger says the trunk contains books...
Writer .David Chantler    Director .Tina Wakerell
10; Mr Wallace Predicts

Paul and Steve find themselves involved with Mr Wallace, a researcher into extra-sensory perception. But Mr Wallace has another talent that interests Paul: he can predict accidents. Unfortunately, the victims never seem to get his warnings in time.
Writer .John Tully     Director .Eric Hills
11; Letters From Robert

Miss Rose Martin was once in love with a man called Robert Stanlake, who disappeared mysteriously 20 years ago. She starts getting letters, from someone who seems to know all about her, signed as Robert Stanlake.
Writer .John Tully     Director .Prudence Fitzgerald
12; The Man From the Sea  
(8-2-70 )
Kate is taking a holiday at the seaside. Walking along the beach, she discovers a body washed up by the tide. A lighthouse keeper tells her he has sent for the police. But later Kate discovers the police have no knowledge of the body.
Writer .Cyril Abraham     Director .Philip Dudley
13; The Victim

Peter Tremayne, a rich industrialist, is being persecuted by someone. He thinks his persecutor is an old enemy, but Paul has other ideas.
Writer .David Whitaker     Director .Douglas Camfield
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