Paul Temple  created by Francis Durbridge on BBC TV.
***The Paul Temple TV Series***

Television listing compiled by Ian Beard
Formatting by Greg Marshall. 24 July 2001.

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Televison Series Two
5 April - 26 July 1970
Episodes in Black are not known to exist; The one episode in Red is preserved by the BBC in Colour.

A BBC Production in Association with Taurus Films Gmbh Munich.
"Paul Temple" - Francis Matthews
"Steve" - Ros Drinkwater

Producers - Peter Bryant & Derrick Sherwin
Special theme music written by Ron Grainer

14; Right Villain    (5-4-70)
Paul is literally 'taken for a ride' when he contemplates buying a new car. Sammy Carson, ex-villain and part-owner of the garage involved, offers Paul the car in exchange for his help - which he badly needs!
Writer .Derrick Sherwin    Director .Ken Hannam

15; Kill Or Cure      (12-4-70)
Steve's friend Ilse Goetz visits London with her uncle, a pharmaceutical manufacturer. After contacting the Temple's, she disappears - and when Paul investigates, her uncle warns him not to get involved ...
Writer .Bill Strutton    Director .Christopher Barry
16; Games People Play   

While in Malta, Paul and Steve are drawn into the 'sweet life' of a group for whom luxury has become a necessity - a life that soon lures the innocent beyond boredom into danger.
Writer .John Gould    Director .Philip Dudley
17; The Artnappers

Gallery raids and art thefts are becoming increasingly commonplace - often the only losers appear to be the insurance companies. Paul finds that even they can limit their liability to pay by investing in crime ...
Writer .Bill Strutton    Director .Ken Hannam
18; The Black Room

How deeply within ourselves can we bury the effects of violence? Paul discovers methods by which unscrupulous men use a victim's past to force their way into a frightening future.
Writer .Moris Farhi    Director .Christopher Barry
19; Antique Death (1)

Paul is amused when he discovers that the copy of an Etruscan Apollo which he has bought causes a ripple of alarm in museum circles as the original is reputed to be unique and no other copy is known to exist. But when the figurine disappears, the chase leads Paul to Amsterdam and into the dangers that lie beyond the respectable front of dealing in `genuine' art-fakes.
Writer .Michael Chapman    Director .John Matthews
20; Antique Death (2)

Paul moves from Amsterdam  to Bruges in his search for the Arezzo Apollo figurine which has been stolen from him. The death of Genevieve Duclos leads him closer to those responsible and deeper into the dangerous world of organised international crime.
Writer .Michael Chapman    Director .John Matthews
21; Double Vision

Paul, on a visit to Edinburgh to attend a Crime Writer's Conference, is asked by a beautiful young German girl to read her first novel. A charming girl - an innocent request - but the book seems to be in great demand...
Writer .Jeremy Burnham    Director .Ken Hannam
22: Steal A Little Happiness

Paul and Steve pick up a hitchhiking street urchin called Gina outside Milan and soon discover the pressures poverty brings to bear on the young. In an attempt to help the girl Paul uncovers a relationship between Gina and Ettore, a helpless old man, that is based on need rather then on cupidity.
Writer .Bill Strutton    Director .Philip Dudley
23; The Suitcase 

Secret Service plot or the bitter end to a tangled domestic quarrel? This is the fascinating question facing Paul Temple when a suitcase explodes in a Surrey country house.
Writer .John Tully    Director .John Matthews
24; Murder In Munich (1)

Temple, on a visit to Munich, is horrified to find that he's been mistaken for an assassin. Worse still, he's expected to proceed with, and complete, the killer's Assignment.
Writer .David Roberts    Director .Michael Ferguson
25; Murder In Munich (2)

Temple, cleverly framed for murder on a visit to Munich, has a life and death race against time to prove his innocence.
Writer .David Roberts    Director .Michael Ferguson
26; Re-Take

What is the-connection between a series of crimes in Rome seven years ago and the disappearance of a child in London now?
Writer .Paul Erickson    Director .Douglas Camfield

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