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January 5, 2008

Gregory Vercetti gets a Heavyweight Title Shot against Champion Cham-Pain for Power Pro Wrestling's 2008 debut. Vercetti disabled Cham-Pain's leg early in the match, allowing Greg to control most of the match. However after a comeback from Cham, and a distraction from his manager Crystal, Verectti would lose by pinfall when a reverse DDT was applied and executed.  After the match Cham-Pain thanked his former OMEGA colleagues The Hardy Boys, Shannon Moore, and Greg Helms, whom Vercetti had made fun of earlier in the night. When Gregory heard this he attacked Cham-Pain and continued to beat him until Matt Hardy's music hit. Matt approached Vercetti to make the save on Cham-Pain, but when Greg tried to cheap shot Hardy, Matt nailed him with a huge right hand. Then Vercetti tried to rush back at Matt Hardy only to get cut off by Cham-Pain who applied a Twist of Fate on Greg Vercetti to return the favor. 



January 26, 2008

Greg Vercetti unveils his new manager, Gia Liverio to Power Pro Wrestling and proclaims that this is the beginning of the end for Dick Foley, Cham-Pain, Matt Hardy and anyone else who doubts that the North is far superior that the South. During Vercetti's match with El Mariachi, J-Sin interfered from the crowd striking Mariachi with a chain, allowing Gregory to pick up the victory and adding another powerful individual to Vercetti's New York stable. Following this combined debut of Gia and J-Sin, Dick Foley ordered El Mariachi to find a partner to even up the score and return later for a tag match. Corey Edsel, Vercetti's former partner, stepped up and excepted the challenge. Being two on three the numbers game played a big part, and The New City Street Sweepers w/ Gia Liverio walked away victorious. 

February 2, 2008

Singles action kicked off the post-intermission session with Sheik Lumpkin entering the arena with the "Italian Assassin" Gregory Vercetti for a singles tilt against the popular new addition to Destiny "Leelicious" Lee Valiant. Surprisingly, the two accomplished grapplers kept the battle on the canvas for the most part, with momentum swinging at a slower pace than one would expect between athletes of their caliber. With a little help on the outside by the devious Sheik, Valiant found himself climbing the turnbuckles with the referee checking on the condition of his opponent, allowing the manager to interfere. Outnumbered and overpowered, the charismatic Valiant overcame both obstacles to pull out an impressive pinfall win in under fifteen minutes.

February 9, 2008

Gregory Vercetti takes on his most hated rival The Ultra Dragon, not once but twice. First Vercetti is victorious for CWS in Asheboro, NC and later that night Dragon is victorious in Carthage, NC for PPW when Corey Edsel distracted Gregory.

February 16, 2008

8-man Tag Team Match. CWF

February 23, 2008

As Greg Vercetti and Gia Liverio prepare for their match with local star Sean McCulley, they announce that they have yet another surprise for PPW and then Vercetti proceeds to hang a hat with the NY logo onto the  ring post, hoping that someone arrives who might wear that hat. Early in the night a specially appointed guest commentator was named, it was long time rival of Greg Vercetti, Matty Dee. During the match the fight spilled to the floor and McCulley accidentally punched Matty when the action cluttered near the announce table. After this incident, McCulley was back in the ring and ready to finish off Vercetti, when Matty Dee hit Sean in the head from behind allowing Greg to hit the Brooklyn Slice for the victory. Now this new group stands at 4, Vercetti, Gia, Sin, and fellow Italian Matthew Deeniro. Commissioner Dick Foley interrupted the celebration and placed Matthew in a match against the PPW Champion, Cham-Pain.

March 1, 2008

  Sheik Lumpkin hit the ring with the "Italian Assassin" Gregory Vercetti for a singles bout against former world tag champion Xsiris. Vercetti ran a gameplan to keep X's feet on the ground, in hopes of not being nailed by one of the high-flyer's signature moves from the ropes. Xsiris did go to the top ropes late only to have his opponent move out of his way, but held on to rack up a pinfall victory despite the efforts of the Sheik at ringside.

After three consecutive losses by Sheik's teammates, Mike McAllister, Greg Vercetti, and Marcellus King turned their backs on long time manager Sheik Lumpkin. The three claimed that Sheik was the reason for their recent losing streak and began to beat him without mercy. They left him bloody and beaten after King and McAllister applied a spike piledriver on the concrete floor.

March 8, 2008

  Greg Vercetti w/ Gia gets a PPW Interent Championship Match against Roland Dyce w/ special guest manager "The Perfect 10" Babydoll.

March 15, 2008

  Vercetti gets a shot at the CWF Mid-Atlantic Championship as he takes on the Champion Ric Converse.



March 28, 2008

  See Greg Vercetti with Gia Liverio Friday Night at The Civic Center in Sanford, NC. take on Donnie Steamboat with Jesse Jordan. PPW

April 5, 2008

  CWF Burlington

April 12, 2008

  Mixed Tag Match Pitting Greg Vercetti and Gia vs Donnie Steamboat and Jesse Jordan. In this match Greg Verectti punched Jesse Jordan with a steel chain behind the referee's back, then pulled Gia over her for the win.

April 26, 2008

  Greg Vercetti takes on Dexter Poindexter for Power Pro Wrestling. After Vercetti hit The Brooklyn Slice on Dexter, the ref was distracted by the girl managers fighting on the floor. Then Greg decided to resort to the trusty chain that he keeps in the Crown Royal bag, when Jesse Jordan hit the ring and dropped Vercetti on the top rope, enabling Poindexter to trip up Vercetti for the pinfall. Following the match Donnie Steamboat was irate with Vercetti from his earlier actions and challenged Verectti to a match, when Jordan grabbed the mic and demanded that she wanted the match with Gregory. Despite Gia Liverio's refusal, Vercetti accepted for that match on the 24th of May.

May 3, 2008

  Greg Vercetti vs Lee Valiant   CWF Mid-Atlantic

May 10, 2008

  After viciously beating down a local High School amateur wrestling star, Greg Vercetti was interrupted by PPW Commisioner Roland Dyce. Dyce then issued a match between Vercetti and the new persona of Dick Foley, The Love Dude.

May 17, 2008

  Greg Vercetti takes on the legendary Zach Gowen, wrestling's only One-Legged Wrestler. LTW Waynesboro, VA

May 24, 2008

  Greg Vercetti continues his trend of cowardly shenanigans by defeating Jesse Jordan by submission with a sleeper hold. Jordan requested this match after Vercetti hit her with a chain weeks earlier in a mixed tag match with Donnie Steamboat and Gia Liverio. After the match, Steamboat ran to the rescue, running off Vercetti to the back.

June 7, 2008

  Gregory Vercetti returns to VCW in Virginia Beach, as he gets a shot at the VCW Liberty Champion Justin Flash.

June 21, 2008

  Greg Vercetti receives a shot at Tank Lawson for the CWF Mid-Atlantic TV Championship. 

June 28, 2008

  Power Pro Wrestling, Moore County Fairgrounds, Carthage, NC. 

July 12, 2008

  Vercetti advances in the 1st Round of the IT Championship Tournament defeating Roland Dyce after Jesse Jordan tried to interfere in the match.

July 19, 2008

  Disgusted by J-Sin's decision to give up a title shot instead of picking him to team with, Greg Vercetti calls out his former tag team partner. Vercetti proclaimed that HE was the better half of the VCW Tag Team Champion Street Sweepers and that he would prove it, tonight in a match.  

July 26, 2008

  Greg Vercetti takes on the PPW's Dark Knight, Ace Crusader. 

August 9, 2008

  Will Zach Gowen get his revenge on Gregory Vercetti? Find out when Local Town Wrestling returns to Waynesboro, VA.

August  30, 2008

  After finding out that the IT Championship Tournament had been cancelled due to some wrestler no-shows, Greg Vercetti was furious and threatened PPW with a lawsuit if his title shot was not granted. Then Vercetti would be interrupted by his opponent for the night, El Mariachi. Vercetti takes his frustrations out on the Latin Angel, and pins him after hitting the Brooklyn Slice. 

September 7, 2008

  BWC Graduation      Greg Vercetti  vs.  The Wildcat 

October 4, 2008

  After a 4 month hiatus, Greg Vercetti returns to CWF with a different mind set and vowes to change his luck by trying to win matches the right way. Vercetti denounces his past actions of cheating, using managers, and simply being a bad person. Neither the crowd nor his opponent Brass Munkey totally bought Vercetti's story. Then the two wrestled a clean match in which GV had the chance to cheat but decided against it. After falling to Munkey, Greg Vercetti offered a hand shake and quietly accepted defeat.


October 18, 2008

  Greg Vercetti  vs  Xsiris     +     CWF 2008 Indy Rumble

November 15, 2008

  14 man Cibernetico

December 20, 2008

  Long time rivals Greg Vercetti and Matty dEE find themselves across the ring from each other once again, however this time each wrestler is on a different side of things than ever before. Matthew de Nero, as he now calls himself resorts to dirty tactics right away and controls most of the match. In the end Vercetti out smarted his long time friend/enemy for the pinfall.


January 3, 2009

  8-Man Tag Team Match   CWF

February 7, 2009

  Gregory Vercetti   vs.   Michael McAllister   CWF

February 22, 2009

  SXCW relaunched it's wrestling company after a 1 year of inactivity, returning to Eden, NC. The retired champion Gregory Vercetti was given the opportunity to reactivate his status as champion by fighting the newcomer Carnage in the main event. However Vercetti claimed that he was a little rusty and asked the SXCW commission for a warm up match. He stated that he wanted the biggest and strongest competitor in order to prepare for his championship match. When 150lbs Ultra Dragon was dragged out by Vercetti's manager it was obvious GV had planned this to get under the skin of his later opponent, whom he new was watching backstage. But what Gregory had not planned on was the interference from the commissioner allowing Ultra Dragon to get the victory. Later that night Greg Vercetti defeated Carnage for his 2nd SXCW Championship by using a foreign object behind the referee's back.

February 29, 2009

  The current CWE Heritage Champion J-Sin is ordered to defend his title in a 3-Way Dance against former Champion Justin Duke and a mystery oppenent which happens to be J-Sin's former Tag Team partner, Gregory Vercetti. As it would appear to J-sin, Vercetti is there to help him retain his title, but the truth is that Vercetti wanted that title for himself. And after turning the tables on J-sin, Greg Vercetti wins the match and becomes the new CWE Heritage Champion.

March 27, 2009

  Upset from the previous show, Justin Duke calls out Greg Vercetti and challenges him for his CWE Heritage Championship. After agreeing to the match, Duke informs Vercetti that because of the presence of Richie Blaisdell at ringside, he had a friend with him to even out the odds. At this time ROH superstar Chris Hero appeared and stood in Justin Duke's corner. At the end of a great match both Hero and Blaisdell got involved, causing enough confusion to allow Vercetti to escape with a successful title defense.


April 24, 2009

  John Kermon defeats Greg Vercetti in a non-title match in order to receive a future title shot at Vercetti's CWE Heritage Championship. 

May 5, 2009

  Long time rivals Gregory Vercetti and Rock n Roll Matty Dee take their 9 year feud to the next level by competing in a Blindfold Match for the Annual Boogie Bash in Shawsville, VA. 



May 24, 2009

  Greg Vercetti continues his feud with John Kermon in Burlington, NC.



June 27, 2009

  Greg Vercetti defends his CWE Hertitage Championship against former TNA star Scotty Matthews. 


July 11, 2009

  LTW holds it's first Championship Tournament for the company championship and a check for $10,000 in Fishersville, Va. The LTW United States Champion Greg Vercetti advances in the first round against long time rival, Lance Lude. After his second round opponent J-Sin was back stabbed by Chris Hero, Vercetti decided to act on that opportunity by pinning J-Sin with a referee at hand while he was trying to recover from the Hero attack, advancing Vercetti to the finals. However after a back and forth Championship final against John Kermon, Vercetti would lose to Kermon by pinfall.  



August 14, 2009

  Greg Vercetti teams up with Johnny Uma to take on Derrick Matthews and Bobby Dempsey for Ring of Honor at The ECW Arena in Philadelphia, PA.


August 29, 2009

  Gregory Vercetti successfully defends his CWE Heritage Championship Title against Drake Tungsten by pinfall after hitting the Brooklyn Slice.







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