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Last modified: Fri Jun 8 08:21:11 PDT 2001

Take back the Marina!



June 8th, 2001
Studio Dirty Whore

May 12th, 2001
Beach Blanket Bunghole

Apr 5th, 2001
Preppy Night at the Powerhouse

Mar 22nd, 2001
Chillin' at the Casanova

Mar 2nd, 2001
St. Patricia's Day

Feb 17th, 2001
Prison Bitch Bacchanalia

Feb 3rd, 2001
Priscilla, Queen of Walnut Creek


Dec 21st, 2000
A Noe Valley Christmas

Dec 2nd, 2000
Queers On Ice (sort of)

Nov 17th, 2000
Love Me Tender, TenderKnob

Oct 28th, 2000
Take Back The Marina!

Oct 12th, 2000
Bottoms Up At The Top

Sep 22nd, 2000
Guerrilla Leather Bar

Aug 31st, 2000
Pimp This!

Aug 9th, 2000
Virgin Sacrifice

Jul 20th, 2000
Wonder Twin Powers Activate!

Jul 6th, 2000
Hula Homos

Jun 7th, 2000
Grab Bag Fags

May 31st, 2000
Midnight At The Hoasis

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