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The Murder-Clan is against cheating. Cheating members got kicked immediately!
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The Murder-Clan raised up in 2002 by Murder-Rick. After some practicing I got asked for a few clans. But I didnt't want to change my name (everybody knew me as Murder-Rick) so I raised up my own clan.

First I asked a good friend of me, Guido (Murder-Gued0), to join. He accepted my invitation so we searched together for new talented members.

After a few months we got more than 20 members so we needed to build a site. Together with Murder-Gued0 I built

In that time we did a lot of wars and everything went great. However, Murder-Gued0 and me got busy with other things so we had to quit playing Counter-Strike.

A few months later I restarted playing Counter-Strike. Murder-Gued0 didn't, but I decided to restart the Murder-Clan.

In 2004 (August) the Murder-Clan was reborn. I made a new start; a brand new site, new members and new favourite servers.


July 14th 2006, The Murder-Clan fused with Team Ex. and went on as Murder.Ex Clan. The new tag of our clan is:  |Murder.Ex|.
Because some Murder-Clan members left Murder, needed more talented players. After we recruited some players, we saw a new clan called Team.Ex. Because the Murder-Clan was still recruiting Murder-Rick came with the idea to fuse Murder with Team.Ex to get a big and good clan. Then, after we figured out some stuff with Grass the new clan was born: Murder.Ex.
The old members from both clans got kicked and we made a new start.

So all I got to say is: Let's own Murders!

Do you need more information about the Murder-Clan, about the members, how to join, about clanwars or something else? Go to one of our favourite servers and ask your question. You are also allowed to e-mail me:
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