Hello everyone.

This is a site that is dedicated to the Guitar works of the dutch band KANE.
As you all see, this site isn't complicated or high tech at all.
But no problem, I will try to provide you all with all the info and Guitar/Bass tabs I can give. All the Guitar/Bass tabs are made by me, and they can be viewed with PowerTab editor. A great and Free program.
Get it now at www.power-tab.net.
These tabs are as accurate as they can get, and you can even listen to them.
Have fun!

Jon Symons

Ps: sometimes the site shuts down because of transfer overloads, but if that happens, it will be back on soon!
NEWS/UPDATES: 6/4/2005

I will be doing some new tabs very soon, I will also be re-doing some tabs in the future to get more accurate tabs. So check back soon to get some new kane tabs!


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