" If you're gonna ROCK you gotta ROLL"
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Dale Russell Bio

Dale Russell is a multi-talented veteran with over thirty years' experience in the music industry, and remained an integral member of The Guess Who for seventeen years until May of 2000. In each field of endeavor -- including writing, performing, producing, and arranging -- Dale has met with success and awards. He has spent the better part of his life creating, playing, and recording music for live audiences in various parts of the world, as well
as for radio and television
Along the way, awards in Canada such as Producer of the Year, Songwriter of the Year, and Instrumentalist of the Year have been added to Dale's long list of credits. Before joining The Guess Who in 1983, he played for names like Buddy Knox, Leslie Gore, Rosemary Clooney, Del Shannon, Bill Kinney etc., as well as with various Canadian artists, on live television series and more.
One of Dale's early influences, close to his heart and among his most
fortunate, was the late jazz great, Lenny Breau. "I literally sat at his
feet and absorbed more than I ever realized possible; it was magical it changed my vision forever." Dale says. " It was here I discovered the universe called music."
Having been steeped in folk music, rock n roll, country, pop, and jazz has given Dale the ability to create music for many different uses including songs for other artists, jingles for radio and TV, and background music for documentaries and short films.
Now working in Ontario with Devon "Artemis" Chartier and Don Quarles developing School Alliance of Student Songwriters (the SASS Project) as well as continuing to write and produce, Dale still finds time to help organize and appear for many Charity events.