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This site is dedicated to my guides, as well as allowing other people to get in touch with me.

NOTE : This site will be moving to ;


If you're viewing this site just now, then you've probably come from GameFAQs. I have not yet completed this website, and it will only be completely uploaded once I have finished converting my current guides to HTML (and finish my C&C Retaliation (PSX)guide)

Just don't expect anything fancy, as I'm doing all this in Windows Notepad only, until I get some decent software

I've only provided links to those sections that have at least one full guide to view. Bear in mind this is a hobby, and I only tend to update these when I fell like it. I am usually available on the GameFAQs message boards if you're desparate for advice.

My current list of guides are available from GameFAQs

C&C and C&C Red Alert (PC)

All C&C (PSX)

Spec Ops (PSX)


I've now added a small page telling you about me. Find it here

I've added logs of battles I've done in Pokemon Net Battle here.

I've also done a short story based on Frontier : First Encounters. Find it here

last updated - 10th June 2003

To get in touch, email me at gunbladelad@yahoo.co.uk (Now changed due to excessive Spam from bots. Add "77" just before the "@" symbol. and it'll there.)



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