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We havenít really done much work to the site lately.

Well, I at least wanted to post a few more pictures.

We extended the A&E gallery, it has now photos of the 2001/2002 SHOís in addition to the last lot.

We also added some more photos of our latest project, our house.This will give us near endless possibilites for more galleries in the future.

New is a little gallery with photos from Willingen. I will keep adding to this one.

 I have read many good books meantime, but somehow did not get worked up enough to write a good review. I have two or three in mind, so watch out, I might update that too.

I recently changed jobs, I am now working in the surgical department of the BGH. They donít have a traditional photo location, but maybe I can get them all together one day anyway.

Oh, and I finally got my own computer, complete with DVD player and cool sound system, now I enjoy watching movies when I can.



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