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Name: Seifer Almasy      Age: 18        Height:6'2"
Weapon: Gunblade

Squall's rival who causes havoc within Garden.
A candidate for SeeD .Althought he is naturally gifted as a soldier, his inability to take ordres and control his temper has earned him the label of "problematic".
Althought recognising and paising Squall's abilities seifer regards him as his ultimate rival.
Left :Fujin                                       Right:Raijin

These two characters are Seifer's closest friends and will protect and help him to the end no matter the circumstances.
Sorceress Edea, she is the one Seifer  wants to protect and the one putting the worlds armies against each other.( Or is she? )
Name: Laguna Loire          Age: 27   Height: 5'9"

A passionate man whose pen is truly mightier than the sword. An ex-soldier turned journalist, Laguna is a strong willed man with amazing energy. His compassion for the unfortunate drives him to help the weak and bring down thei oppresors. Using his writing as a mighty instrument of justice, he stands strong against the evils of this world.
Name: Elleone

She plays an important role on the game. There isnt much i can say about her without spoiling the game.
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