Welcome to Guo, Pei Da's Homepage

Self -Introduction
I am a sophomore in Murry Bergtraum High School. This year, my English teacher is Ms. Wu. She teaches me in a E7B class. This homepage is the showroom of all my works in the class, hope you enjoy it!

My Works

I. Journals : Elizabeth's Diary, John Hale's Monologue, Summary of the Crucible Act III,

Summary of the Crucible Act IV,
II. Essays:
Midterm Task II-discussing the cause of Salem Witchtrial
Midterm Task III-discussing the feelings of wives toward their husbands

Task I-William Faulner's Speech

Task III-Opinions on Wars
III. Book Reports:
Book report 1-“The Pigman”
Book report 2-“Cry, The Beloved Country”
IV. Creative Writings :
Gatsby Editorial, Gatsby Memoir,Hallow Story,Gatsby Poem,
V. My Favorite Links :