Joe Veen
Steve Ridler
Aaron Giersdorf
Guppie Thugs - A tale of sand kicking and angst
The Guppie Thugs team had started with just three members: Joe Veen, Steve Ridler and Aaron Giersdorf, but continued to grow as we found more and more of our friends that were interested in playing paintball. As we continued to grow from a 3-man team to a 5-man team we found that we really needed a team name. It came to us one day in Anoka, MN thanks to Steve's evil ways.

You see Steve had run out of paint, so he hit the waiting room and watched for his opportunity to get some more paint. When he saw this cocky 15 year old newbie carrying a brand new Angel, he knew he had found his mark. He cornered the newbie and smacked him around a bit and told him to hand over his guppies!

Now Aaron and I watch out for Steve, since he's always getting into some kind of trouble and Aaron noticed that he was up to something, so we headed over to see what was going on. It's not everyday that Steve beats up an adolescent.

Once Steve explained the situation, we had his back. Aaron kicked some sand in the kids eyes and started to take the newbie's Angel, but it shot him three times as he tried pulling it out of the kids hands. Those Angels have touchy triggers! I watched out for the kids parents and any other trouble that might be brewing, while laughing myself silly.

Steve snagged the guppies and we left the kid crying in the corner screaming "YOU'RE NOTHING BUT A BUNCH OF GUPPIE THUGS!"

True Story ; )

...don't believe everything you read on the web.