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Welcome to the new internet home of G.D. Productions. G.D. Productions is a Los Angeles Based, Independent Film Production Company. For the past 4 years, G.D. Productions has been making quality student oriented short films, and school related film projects.
    G.D. Productions gives all aspiring actors, actresses, and future film workers a chance to work on sets, and learn to work with a cast and crew. More than 100 people have benefited from the company and some even work for famous Production companies such as
Warner Bros and Disney.
   G.D. Productions is owned and operated by students, all work is done voluntarily and money is only provided for props equipment from fundraisers and private investors.
   Our annual welcome luncheon was held on Saturday, September 30, at a Italian restaurant in the San Fernando Valley.  The luncheon was a wonderful event hosted by the Executives and Producers of G.D. Productions, it gave many young people the opportunity to sign up for our next movie,
Between Wars. (For info on movie click on Upcoming Movies button)

The Board of Executives

G.D. Productions is headed up by President and CEO; Gustavo Diaz (center), Director of Human Resources; Vince Kregear (left), and Director of Public Relations; Tommy Miccelli (right).  Together they brought more than a hundred people together and produced dozens of movies and short films.

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G.D. Productions

Company: (818) 796-1500
Executive Office: (818) 313-4626
Recruiting Office: (818) 617-3664
Employee Contact Line: (818) 796-0099
Fax: (507) 262-1841
Email: gus@socal.rr.com

Warner Bros and Disney do not endorse the use of their name, names used to promote company and all work they produce.
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