Gus A Hansen
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I am a 26 year old from Mesa, Arizona.  I was born in Holbrook, AZ in 1976.  I grew up in Joseph City, AZ and Willcox, AZ, before going on a mission for my church to Seattle.  I also attended college at Eastern Arizona College, and then at Arizona State University, where I graduated (magna cum laude) May 2002 with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering.  I am currently looking for a job.  The three greatest accomplishments I have in my life, are serving a full-time mission for my church, graduating from ASU, and running the Kona Marathon to raise money for the American Diabetes Association.  I finished 328th out of about 1300 runners, but was slower than I had hoped, finishing the 26.2 mile race in 5 hours and 1 minute.  Gus is my real first name.  I am named after my grandpa, Gus Adsersen Hansen, although we have different middle names.  I never had the opportunity to meet him, but everybody that I do meet who knew him says he was an extraordinary man.
My hobbies and interests change constantly, but I've been playing the guitar for 7 years now (not as much as I should, though).  I would say that's my favorite hobby.  I also hope to get into woodworking when I have the money and space for tools.  I would also like to try making my own guitars.
My best friend is my girlfriend, Laurie.  She is so much fun to be with, plus, she's real easy on the eyes. . .:)  I spend almost all the time I can with her.
I am the fourth child of six in my family (two older brothers, one older sister, two younger sisters).  My mom and dad raised us all well.  It's funny how my family seems to have gotten closer once we all moved away.  It is so much fun to spend time with my family, whenever I do get to see them.