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Lost and Found

Author: Gwyhn
Date: December 1998 - March 1999
Archive: only here, and at The Round Station
Rating: NC-17 for graphic scenes
Classification: Story, AU, Angst, Romance, Humor.
Keywords: Ivanova/Marcus
Spoilers: season 4, I suppose.
Summary: It all starts with a drink at Balfours...


Author: Gwyhn
Date: December 2000
Archive: only here, at Alternate Reality and Area52
Rating: PG - for mature subject matter.. no physical stuff
Classification: Vignette, some Angst
Keywords: Sam/Janet, friendship
Spoilers: season 3, Point of View
Summary: last scenes of Point of View from Janet's and Sam's POV.. confused yet?


Author: Gwyhn
Date: May 2001
Archive: ummm… rather not, thanks.
Rating: PG for matur subjects
Classification: Vignette, Romance, some Angst
Keywords: Mulder/Scully, friendship
Spoilers: season 8 flashback ep called Per Manum. These are set at the end of season 7 though.
Scully looks back on 7 years with Mulder. Warning: contains spoilers for the season 8 flashback episode Per Manum!!
Author's Notes: This is a set of 4 vignettes that popped out after watching "All Things" and "Requiem". Basking was written first, but ended up being the last in the 'series'. One day I may add more, if The Muse decides I'm worthy again ;-)

Part I: Trust
Part II: Passion -
Part III: Peace -
Part IV: Epilogue
Awakenings Certainty