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Welcome to Melon Moon and thank you for taking your time to visit this page. Not a whole lot in here yet but I intend to add more stuff and links as time goes by. If you have any comment or suggestion please email me or you can sign My Guestbook

Thanks to my husband who inspired me to build my own web site instead of giving too much advice on his web site.

Why do I name my web site Melon Moon?
Between my husband and I, one has a moon-shaped face and the other is well know for his one-of-a-kind melon-shaped head.

Photos Album contains a few pictures of our wedding, our family and places that we have visited. Photos about Vietnam will be added after my trip back to Vietnam at the beginning of 2002 to join the family for Lunar New Year.

Art likes to write. His biggest dream is to have his very own mystery novel published one day. Arthur's Forum is where I steal all the little stories from my husband's web site and claim them as mine.

Friends Page contains friends' pictures and contact info. Some friends may have their own Home Pages so check them out if you like. They are not as nice and flowery as mine.

Having someone over for dinner? Why not impress them with your Vietnamese dishes that will take their breath away. I have plenty of good recipes for you in Vietnamese Cooking. Nah, you don't have to thank me.

About Vietnam will tell you a bit about the country where I was born and grew up. There is something hidden in the land, the sea, the rivers, the mountain and the people that makes Vietnam so unique. (Under construction)

 Music enriches our lives. Vietnamese Music contains all my favorite Vietnamese songs in lyric, midi and real audio. The lyrics are in printable format. I will add English music whenever my schedule allows me.

Melon Moon is built using FrontPage 2000. To make the site more interesting, I also included some graphics and JavaScript from a number of web sites that offer free stuff . Go to Cool Links and have a look. It's fun!

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