I love the Lord with all my heart, and am so blessed by Him daily. He has given so much to me. I hope what you read here ministers to your life. God Bless you 

You so lovely gave all you had to us,
So that we might, have eternal life.
Thank you Lord,
That you Love us as you loved your son.

You came to us as a savior,
To take away our sin.
No sin that you canít wipe clean,
A forgiving God.
You are the comforter to the lonerly,
A friend to the friendless.
You are our riches when we are poor,
Our hope, when there is non.

You are the healer to the sick,
The purifier to the unclean.
You are the Lord,
That every soul needs.
You take us by the hand,
And guide us in times of trouble.
You are our strength when we are weak,
There is nothing we canít do with you. 

You are the Alfa and the Omega,
The beginning and the end.
You are the One that was,
Who is and will be.

You are all we have Lord,
We are nothing without you.
Its you that we live for,
You alone.

We eagerly await your return,
To see you return,
To see you Glorified,
And all nations come to you.
You are the King!!

Every knee will bow,
And every tongue will confess your name,
The wonderous name of the Lord.
(Written by Aly)