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Last updated: June 28th 2005

Well, the season has ended, and what an ending it was! Thank you so much to everyone who has helped me with this project -- I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. If any of you feel like writing a happy ending to the finale while we wait for January, please send it to me, but I don't expect to be adding much more new content. If Tony and Michelle are back next season, this site will be too; otherwise... well, we got our happy ending :)

Thanks again!  

Let me paint you a picture, my fellow Tony/Michelle 'shippers.

You're sitting on your nice comfy couch, snacking on your favorite snack, watching 24 and having a great time. And then, oh my God... Tony gets shot! In the neck!

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

And you're left biting your nails for the next week, trying not to think "Oh my God what if he dies Tony can't die please don't let him die..."

He doesn't die (phew!), but a few weeks later Michelle is exposed to a deadly virus, and you're spending all your time trying not to think "Oh my God what if she's infected Michelle can't die please don't let her die..."

After having to sit through what seems like a hundred phonecalls between Tony and Michelle that just break your heart because ohmyGodwhatifshedieswhatiftheyneverseeeachotheragain, you discover that she's not infected (phew!), but only minutes later she is kidnapped and held hostage, and again you're just sitting there, trying to bite what's left of your nails and hoping and praying for a happy ending for them... and then Tony gets sent to prison.


I don't know about you, but I'm still reeling from the unfairness of it all.

And by all accounts things aren't looking too peachy for Tony and Michelle in season 4, either. Undoubtedly we will again be sitting rooted to the spot, staring our our TVs and hardly able to take the strain that comes from the Bad Things looming over the horizon for these two characters we love so much.

So, this season we're going to do something about it.

I originally proposed this project to my fellow fanficcers in this thread at the T&M Fanfiction Forum. To recap:

For every episode of season 4 in which Tony and Michelle appear, someone is going to write them a Happy Ending. This short fanfic will start where the episode left off and take into account everything that has happened so far, and then show us how, despite all the bad things canon has thrown at us, Tony and Michelle could still live Happy Ever After.

(I also propose a collective effort to cross our fingers and hope that neither of them dies, thus ruining our project for what I hope are obvious reasons.)

Now. Da Rulez:

Technically anyone can take part in this, however: I may ask to see a previous Tony/Michelle fic you've written before I agree to let you write a Happy Ending. This is to ensure that none of the stories are complete and utter crap.

(And to you people whom I've talked to and begged to write a fic for this: No, yours will not be complete and utter crap, whatever fears you may have. There is a reason I am begging you, you know!)

Other rules (i.e. the ones everyone should follow):

  •  Length of the story must be at least around a thousand words (I'm not going to be too strict on this, though, so don't feel bad if the story works better with only 900... or 9000, if you can manage that in time for the next-week deadline)
  • The story should start out right where the episode left off; either right after the last scene featuring Tony or Michelle or right after the end of the episode. After that you can time-jump if you want (well, within reason... I don't want to suddenly see Michelle giving birth to their fourth child with no explanation of how they got there!)
  • You can use the spoilers about things that have already happened but haven't been mentioned yet (e.g. if we hadn't yet seen on the show that T&M are separated and only knew from spoilers, you could still write that into your fic), but I don't really want you to incorporate the spoilers for things that haven't happened yet unless it's in a very peripheral way (i.e. you can mention what Jack's up to right now, but if, God forbid, we get a spoiler that Tony or Michelle is going to die next week, please don't write that in)
  • As previously mentioned, the story should be posted before the next episode airs.
  • And of course, the story must end happily (or at least hopefully, like for example this wonderful fic by Sannea)

When you've finished your fic, please e-mail it to both AReims (for proofreading) and to me. You'll get the proofread version sent back to you; when you do, please tell me as quickly as possible if it's okay or not, and then I'll post it both here and at the forum.

If you can't watch the new episodes but would still like to participate, I suggest you read the recaps at Television Without Pity.

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