Examples of Soviet Propaganda Posters During the Cold War
    The Soviet Union relied upon a variety of resources for propaganda, but the Soviet propaganda poster was the most influential.  These posters focused upon the achievements of Russian communists politically, economically, and technologically.  Domestically, these posters aimed at increasing government support and building patriotism.
      Many posters also focused upon anti-American sentiments.  The American capitalist was portrayed as a large, plump old man dressed in a tuxedo and hat.  Typical actions of the capitalist in Soviet posters were him withholding grain from hungry peasants or running over children with his shiny car.  It attacked the benefits of the wealthy that result from capitalism, and other posters showed the effects of capitalism on poverty.
       The Soviet propaganda machine was incredible.  "Propaganda Trains" and cars traveled Russia to spread messages of communism.  One of the main focuses of the Soviet era was the literacy campaign.  Literacy resulted in a higher percentage of the population being able to read propaganda posters.  These posters allowed the government to maintain a certain mindset within the Soviet citizens, contributing to a more powerful nation.
"One-Sided Economy"

Text: "Now days, during the third year of especially drastic militarization of the capitalist economy, its harmful consequences are becoming clearer and clearer.  Military and inflation factors gave birth to one-sided military development of the economy in capitalist countries although they lead to temporary business revival."
Text on Belly:  "Capitalist economy"
Text on Fat Leg: "Military industry"
Text on Thin Leg: "Civil industry"
"Serpent's Nursery"

The text on the snakes:  Terror, Espionage, Sabotage
"CIA the weapon of terrorism of the American state."

People Shown: Krupp, Rockefeller, Ford, Rothschild, Lady Astor, DuPont, Mellon.
"Under the roof of the capital"
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