So What is This Page All About?

The name "Free Pets" has enticed you thus far, but "What," you might ask, "kind of pets are we talking about here?  Is this the place to get that puppy I've always wanted?  Or perhaps get my hands on a rare tropical gecko?"
    Well, I hate to disappoint any of you hopefuls out there.  However, this is not even close to the place to get any of the above mentioned.  On the other hand, I can assure you that any pets advertised on this page are readily available.  Also these pets, if you should ever get bored with them, will not have to be flushed down the toilet or illegally released into the backyard.  The simple reason for this is that they come from the backyard (though not from the toilet... unless you're really desperate and have a completely dysfunctional olfactory system).
    Hopefully, by now I have your attention, so I will cut to the chase (if not, feel free to go back to by hitting the "home" button on your browser). There is life all around us, more for some than others, regardless, almost everyone has spiders in the house, snakes and toads in the yard, and butterflies hovering through the sky.  So what, right? We have lived with these things all our lives and have come to take them for granted.  The truth is that there are many interesting creatures living around our homes.  This site will give hints, to those interested, on how to catch, keep, and maintain some of these animals for pets.  Yes, that's right, I said pets.  For some of you that will require a little getting used to.  After all, throughout our lives we've been told that they are creepy crawlies, they are gross, and they BELONG outside.  Oh contraire, say I.  Think of it this way: Is a caterpillar turning into a beautiful butterfly more disgusting than a dog licking your face after licking its posterior? Or perhaps, you think that a snake shedding its skin is less interesting than a cat shedding its fur all over the house?  Is a crayfish really more smelly than a ferret?  If you answered "no" to any of these, then we're on the same wavelength.
    Now, I will admit that these creatures will not give the tender love and care to their owner that a cat or dog can deliver.  And they might not even have a vertebral column, but I think that an interesting pet is just as valid as a friendly one.  Pet shops seem to agree with this, as some of the mainstream pets are not even that friendly.  For instance,  tarantulas or scorpions are often seen in pet stores, but for uniqueness, not playfulness.  Also no one has even cuddled with their aquarium full of fish (saline or fresh).  I think, in terms of uniqueness, a pet grasshopper would top the charts.  After all, how many people do you know that can claim such a predilection?
    Best of all these pets will NOT have to be WALKED, will have MINIMUM CLEANUP (as compared to their mega-vertebrate competition), and of course, they are FREE.  So what are you afraid of?  Care to expand your knowledge a little? If so, continue perusing this home page.  If not, at least see where I'm coming from and don't call me a geek if I bring my pet tadpole in for show and tell.  Hey, at least I won't be walking around the neighborhood with an inverted bag containing my pet's fecal waste, nerd.
    Finally, though probably of most importance, pet stores can be devastating to animal communities.  Just because an animal is in a pet store doesn't mean that they were reared for just that purpose, they may have been caught out of their natural habitat by someone trying to make a quick buck.  I'm sure that further comment can be made here, but I don't feel like doing the research so if you're interested check it out... and get back to me--Now that I have, in fact, posted an email address this is altogether feasible and possible.

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