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This site is under construction. The aim of this site is to impart knowledge on our families. The following families have trees: Haringman, Waas, Slap, Furth, Kroonenberg, Verdo(o)ner. These are the Dutch families which have been researched. The other families include: Goitein, Barnett=Zweigbaum, Baneth=Binet=Benedikt, Hahn, Walk, Hecht.

 The second subject is that of TEFL teaching with emphasis on the following topics:

1. English for Israelis

2. English for "native speakers"

3. English for "deprived" pupils

4. Multiple Intelligences and the English lesson

5. Bringing the Holocaust into the English lesson

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This page has the article on Multiple Intelligences and English as it appeared in "EtaI Forum" as well as exercises on MI.

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If you want further information you can contact us at smharingman@yahoo.com